Whirlpool Booth at Eurocucina 2018

At EuroCucina, held from April 17-22 2018 in Milan, Whirlpool will showcase new products in its premium W Collection created to transform every food journey through innovation and the power of connectivity.

Whether shopping, tidying, cooking or eating, food is a continuous journey that’s woven into nearly every step of our daily lives. At EuroCucina, the Whirlpool stand (A11-A15-B14-B18) will bring to life how its appliances also offer a continuous, connected experience that improves every stage of this food journey: Through hands-on engagement with new W Collection products and interactive digital experiences, visitors can learn how appliances are now “Sensing your World” – sensitively anticipating, learning and adapting to our preferences and habits, to be more intuitive and offer a stress-free way to achieve perfect results every time. Whirlpool will also show how its new products are increasingly integrated with each other and into our connected homes and lives for a truly seamless optimized experience, which is now further enhanced through innovative new forms of voice interaction.

EuroCucina will also offer visitors a chance to experience Whirlpool’s leading edge design in The Jewel – a unique exhibition that explores how color, finishes and materials come together to create extraordinary products.

Making Appliances More Helpful With Voice Control

Whirlpool believes that connected appliances can make every day routines far more enjoyable and efficient, thanks to increasingly natural and effortless interaction. At EuroCucina, Whirlpool will be offering a first look at an all-new oven that features Google Assistant for amazingly convenient hands-free control.

“With voice control, you don’t have to think about how to manage your appliance – it speaks your language!” said Marco Signa, Connectivity Senior Manager, Whirlpool EMEA. “We’ll be showing how Google Assistant can give you hands-free control over your oven, which is incredibly helpful when you’re busy cooking or when you wish to keep on top of things from elsewhere in the home.”

At the start of 2018, Whirlpool announced that it will introduce support for smart assistants in select products, with voice command capabilities featured throughout the kitchen lineup. At EuroCucina, visitors can see how Google Assistant will simplify everyday interactions with an appliance such as the oven: setting and starting a cycle, asking how much time is left to the end of the cooking process, switching off the oven – all of these actions are now possible by ‘talking’ to your product.

Appliances that Work Together For Remarkable Results

As well as offering enhanced user interaction, the new products in Whirlpool’s premium W Collection utilize connectivity to interact with each other. This synergy delivers truly extraordinary new levels of convenience – advanced performance that is available across the range from Core+ to Flagship models.

When appliances talk to each other, everyday tasks become simplified: For example, the new connected hoods can automatically start to filter the air at the correct amount when the induction hob is used, or activate during the oven’s pyrolytic cleaning cycle. A further example is that the lighting on the hood can now be used to provide notifications from other appliances. This can be fully customized by the user, who could set the lighting to pulse when a specific stage of a guided cooking program requires their attention, or to alert that the dishwasher or washing machine has completed a cycle.

Users are also able to use multiple appliances together with their smart devices thanks to the Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Live app. Working with both the oven and the hob, a special meal planner feature helps users take the stress out of planning their weekly meals. Just browse hundreds of chef-created recipes according to your tastes and dietary preferences and it automatically creates shopping lists, and lets you follow by step-by-step guidance that can be followed on the TFT screens of either the oven or induction hobs.

Welcoming new additions the the award-winning W Collection Suite

Whirlpool W Collection Suite at Eurocucina 2018

Inspired by the way we live today, the W Collection suite of premium appliances brings together Whirlpool’s leading edge design and the most advanced technology for effortless high performance. With advanced 6TH SENSE technology and Internet connectivity these appliances offer a smart, more intuitive user experience that harmonizes seamlessly with the connected homes of today and the future.

Two iF DESIGN AWARDS were received for Whirlpool’s premium appliance cooking suites, the W Collection W11 range – with both, integrated and protruding handle, which means that no fewer than twelve products have been honored with an iF Award Label for exceptional design. The same suites were also recently awarded two Red Dot Design Awards, so the twelve products now also carry the Red Dot Label.

“Receiving some of the design world’s highest honors confirms that our premium W Collection appliances offer exceptionally refined modern aesthetics and high quality craftsmanship fit for the most stylish contemporary homes,” explained Alessandro Finetto, Senior Director of Global Consumer Design Whirlpool EMEA. “At EuroCucina, we are now proud to launch further exciting products created with this very same uncompromised vision of excellence and contextual sensitivity.”

W Collection Built-In Ovens

Whirlpool W Collection induction hob at Eurocucina 2018

The beautiful new W Collection built-in ovens provide a compelling combination of elegance, flexibility and ease of use. They offer exceptionally intuitive control and a supremely simple guided cooking experience via the 4.5” TFT MySmartDisplay, which learns from you and makes everyday cooking easier for great results every time. In particular this is achieved through Lifestyle Clusters, which make it easier to search for recipes or cooking cycles according to lifestyles – such as ‘Vitamincs’ or ‘Bake Off’. Once a selection is made, just follow simple step-by-step guidance for perfect results. No matter what the skill level of the user, assisted cooking makes it simpler to cook with confidence and prepare delicious meals with ease. Seamless interaction is also possible using Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Live app which lets you select recipes and control and monitor your cooking progress from your smartphone or tablet.

Thanks to the self-supporting MultiSense probe, the W Collection oven even takes away the worry about getting things done perfectly. The patented MultiSense probe monitors the foods’ temperature at four points, designed not only for meat but also for cake and bread. As BakeSense precisely monitors the humidity in the cavity, the oven adjusts the cycle accordingly. With cooking made simpler, you can also expand your cooking horizons by cooking with steam. SteamSense technology adds vapor for deliciously moist, tender results and SteamSense+ technology with 100% steam lets you preserve foods’ natural flavors, vitamins and minerals.

And for further adventures in food, users can also discover new recipes, tutorials and inspiration via the connected 6TH SENSE Live app.

W Collection Built-In Microwaves

With beautifully coordinated design, the new built-in microwaves match the new W Collection built-in ovens for performance and ease of interaction. They too feature an ultra intuitive MySmartDisplay interface and WiFi connectivity to enable advanced cooking with unprecedented simplicity – including Lifestyle Clusters such as ‘Vegetarian’ or for special occasions ‘Party’ or ‘BBQ King’. Just select, follow the steps and enjoy great results in half the time of a conventional oveni.

Thanks to features like Crisp and CrispFry, this innovative microwave can be used to bake or fry dishes with no additional oil, for healthier food that is deliciously crispy on the outside and succulently moist and tender on the inside. Further versatility is provided by the ForcedAir fan system that forces the heat onto the food surface and allows for oven-like results.

W Collection Built-In Cooktops

The new W Collection induction and gas cooktops offer ease of use and performance through innovative technology as well as leading edge design. The 4.5” TFT MySmartDisplay guides consumers to intuitively perfect their results every time through the 100 Cooking Combinations that offer step by step assistance and reveal the best way to cook every kind of dish. The 6TH SENSE Live app enables consumers to explore new recipes with instructive tutorials to unleash their inner chef. The W Collection induction cooktop features assisted cooking with SmartSense, which uses advanced sensors to precisely monitor and control the cooking process, making cooking perfection simple. The W Collection induction hob guarantees full flexibility thanks to the ten independent coils that can be connected to form one big cooking top (FlexiFull) or different cooking zones to satisfy daily changing needs. The exclusive iXelium coating keeps the hob shining yet amazingly functional and easy to clean. The new gas cooktop also offers an enhanced cooking experience with more precision and versatility: They feature PreciseFlame, an efficient vertical flame system that helps save time and energy and ensures homogenous cooking results and also FlexiFlame, a 5kW double burner that offers two flame power levels to meet any cooking need.

W Collection Built-In Hoods

Whether cooking or relaxing, the new T-shaped and vertical built-in hoods offer pure air and crystal clear light to add a touch of elegance to the kitchen, as well as offering a novel form of communication and interaction with other connected appliances.

Thanks to the CookSense system the built-in hoods can seamlessly communicate with your cooktop to recognize its cooking mode and automatically tailor aspiration power to ensure fresh air no matter what you’re cooking. Similarly, they can interact with the oven to automatically activate during the pyrolytic cleaning cycle, and provide customizable notifications of other appliances’ status.

The hoods’ AirSense feature uses sensors that automatically detect air quality and purifies the air of odours and particles – even when you’re not cooking. Similarly, the hoods’ LightSense feature offers flexible illumination depending on the time of day or according to your mood, letting these elegantly designed appliances also enhance the visual atmosphere in your kitchen.

W Collection 4 Doors

Whirlpool W Collection 4 Doors at Eurocucina 2018

Whirlpool is also proud to introduce the new W Collection 4 Doors, a fridge freezer that is elegant and contemporary from every angle. It combines leading-edge product design with advanced performance, excelling through superior exterior and interior craftsmanship.

The range is uniquely designed with a slim fit to sensitively integrate within modern kitchens and harmonize with the surrounding furniture.

The W Collection 4 Doors uses intelligent 6TH SENSE technology to help monitor and automatically optimize its performance to preserve food for longer in the most natural way. This includes 6TH SENSE FreshLock for precise and consistent temperature control and 6TH SENSE FreezeLock to minimize temperature fluctuations in the freezer and reduce freezer burns. As our needs change from day to day, the 4 Doors’ spacious FlexiFreeze compartment offers the ultimate flexibility by adapting to the correct temperature level for the food you are storing: Choose from Soft Freeze at – 7°C, a short term storage option which lets place food directly from the freezer into the pan, Mild Freeze to keep ice-cream and desserts ready to serve at -12°C, or Deep Freeze at -18°C to preserve food for longer.


Whirlpool SPACE400 at Eurocucina 2018

Whirlpool will also be presenting its new SPACE400 built-in fridge freezer. As an innovative solution for those seeking the maximum capacity from a built-in fridge freezer, it provides a huge 400L capacity in an exclusive 70cm wide model. It offers 40% more space than a standard refrigerator, within a width that can be easily accommodated by most kitchen designs. SPACE400 includes Whirlpool’s food preservation innovations including 6TH SENSE FreshControl to keep refrigerated food fresher for longer through automatically optimized temperature and humidity levels and 6TH SENSE FreezeControl to minimize temperature fluctuations in the freezer.

The SPACE400 complements its advanced features with exceptional premium design, with crystal-look drawers, stainless steel finishing and an interior that’s evenly illuminated with bright LED lighting. A modern touch user interface ensures intuitive daily use.

Whirlpool 45CM Dishwasher

Whirlpool 45cm dishwasher at Eurocucina 2018

Whirlpool is launching a new 45cm Dishwasher that brings the PowerClean Pro system from its 60cm range to a space saving appliance for the first time. PowerClean’s Direct Jets optimize cleaning efficiency for outstanding results – perfectly cleaning a full load of dishes without the need for any prior scrubbing. Despite its superior performance, it is more efficient and economical than hand washing and only requires 6L of water per wash on the Eco cycle. The new model also introduces an outstanding energy efficiency rating of A+++ to Whirlpool’s 45cm dishwasher range. This is made possible by the new NaturalDry system, which slightly opens the door during the drying phase to ensure natural air flow for improved drying, while also reducing energy use.

The new 45cm Dishwasher also maximizes internal space thanks to a third full rack that boosts flexibility and pots and pans holders that allow for up to 30% more loading spaceiii. Alongside easier loading, the dishwasher has a premium touch UI, which makes every day use truly effortless.

Discover The Jewel – Showcasing Sparkling Design From Whirlpool

At the center of the EuroCucina Whirlpool pavilion is The Jewel – a very special showcase that explores the development of the leading-edge design aesthetic that has been expressed in the new W Collection suite. Colors, finishes and materials are all facets of design that are explored via the theme of INFUSION, which Whirlpool’s design team describes as representing the ‘enrichment by imperfection that is driven by the power of nature’. Within The Jewel, this source of inspiration can be seen applied on a range of meticulously crafted appliances.

Visit Whirlpool at Eurocucina 2018

For hands on demonstrations of new products and innovations, visit Whirlpool at our EuroCucina booth (A11-A15-B14-B18). EuroCucina 2018 is held from April 17-22 2018 at the Milan Fairgrounds, Milan, Italy.

For further information please visit Whirlpool Corporation at Eurocucina 2018.