Whirlpool and KitchenAid win 4 iF Awards for outstanding design

iF Design Award 2018Ten products from Whirlpool and KitchenAid have been honored with coveted iF Labels at the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018, one of the world’s foremost design competitions. Two awards were received for Whirlpool’s premium appliance cooking suites, the W Collection W11 range – with both, integrated and protruding handle. Each of the W Collection cooking suites includes a built-in oven, built-in microwave, induction hob, and hood – all designed to beautifully coordinate. Two further iF DESIGN AWARDS were given to individual products, with the Whirlpool W Collection Front Loader Washing Machine and Iconic Fridge from KitchenAid – both selected by the international jury of design experts.

The iF DESIGN AWARD, one of the world’s largest and most highly respected design competitions, sees over 6,400 entries from 54 countries compete for a coveted iF label for outstanding design achievement. The award-winning products are carefully selected by a 63-member jury of international design experts.

“It makes us incredible proud to receive four iF DESIGN AWARDS, meaning no fewer than 10 products honored with an iF Award Label for our dedication to design and technology,” said Norbert Schmidt, Vice President, Market Operations, Products & Brands Marketing of Whirlpool EMEA. “Truly effective design brings together a product’s aesthetic quality with its ability to anticipate and fulfil the needs of the user – whether through great performance and features or delighting through every glance and touch. At Whirlpool, we believe in design that reflects modern lifestyles – in particular, the blending of our online and physical lives. We are very proud to receive such prestigious industry recognition for products that epitomise this commitment.”

W Collection Cooking Suite – W11 Protruding Handle

W Collection - W11 - iF Design Award

Inspired by modern kitchen cabinetry, this built-in suite from Whirlpool’s premium
W Collection range includes a built in: vertical hood, 77cm induction hob, oven and microwave combi with a protruding handle. The cooking suite features crafted metal handles with a dished surface treatment that cradles the thumb and draws focus to the subtle finger-print resistant reflective surface. The use of black glass creates a monolithic appearance as the cavity and screen remain hidden when turned off. The same 4.5″ Smart display is used on all built-in products, increasing familiarity and helping to guide users through the programs, memorizing their routines and suggesting perfect settings according to desired results. All appliances feature Internet connectivity to extend their flexibility and ease of use, for example, by letting users download recipe settings to their appliance.

W Collection Cooking Suite – W11 Integrated Handle

W Collection - W11 Integrated - iF Design Award

This built-in suite from Whirlpool’s premium W Collection features a unique water-jet cut integrated handle to enable flush installation in the kitchen, for a cleaner contemporary appearance. The suite includes a built in: T-Shape slim hood, 90cm induction hob, oven and microwave combi with a pocket handle.

Black glass elegantly conceals cavities and the seamlessly integrated screens, which become invisible when powered off. Here again, a dished surface treatment and a reflective surface that doesn’t leave any fingerprints present a clean, linear aesthetic that focuses attention on the elegantly simple interface. The appearance of the appliances conveys a sense of exclusivity, while also highlighting the subtlety of the crafted details and to the smart functions and intuitive interfaces. Beneath the ultra-modern looks, the suite delivers truly futuristic features and interaction: Internet connectivity enables remote control via a smart device or browser, and lets users discover and download recipes, and control their appliance and cooking results with unprecedented simplicity.

W Collection Front Loader Washing Machine

W Collection Front Loader Washing Machine - iF Design Award

The W Collection Front Loader Washing Machine leads the washers sector for style and technology. Whirlpool’s advanced 6TH SENSE Technology delivers a superior washing experience that makes the whole laundry process incredibly intuitive by simplifying and minimizing the level of user input. With an exciting, fully extended large edge-to-edge door with an integrated 4.5-inch LCD screen, the user can control the machine with the powerful ‘MySmartDisplay’ touch system. The 6TH SENSE PrecisionDose removes the need to add detergent for every cycle – in this way the appliance will automatically use the proper amount of detergent, helping the user to remove any guesswork. The product offers full connectivity features and can be controlled from anywhere with the 6TH SENSE Live App. The W Collection Washing Machine also features the 6TH SENSE ZenTechnology, an advanced system that reduces vibrations making it possible to set a washing cycle overnight without worrying about disturbance.

The KitchenAid Iconic Fridge – Creating a new design icon

KitchenAid Iconic Fridge - iF Design Award

Inspired by the timeless, instantly recognizable style of the world-famous KitchenAid Artisan stand-mixer, the new Iconic Fridge from KitchenAid was conceived from the outset as a new design classic: Iconic by name, an icon in the kitchen – this award-winning design excites through its finely crafted details and harmonic proportions, and by invoking a sense of heritage with a beauty that is timeless. Through its elegance and durability, the Iconic fridge embodies KitchenAid’s guarantee of artisan craftsmanship, attention to detail and precious materials. Its exceptional design can be seen in every detail – from its full metal door and top surface to its chrome handle and plinth.

The brand DNA can also be seen in the highly polished cast-metal handle that is prominently placed horizontally on the door, recalling the ‘trim band’ of the stand-mixer. The handle is mounted with KitchenAid’s colored medallions on both sides. The chromed ventilation gaps that elegantly elevate the door balance the presence of the handle and add a further subtle resonance with the ‘streamline’ style that first inspired KitchenAid’s stand-mixer.