Whirlpool's Shared Services Centre for Supply Chain - Łódź, Poland

Whirlpool EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) officially inaugurated today its new Shared Services Centre for Supply Chain in Łódź, at the presence of Gilles Morel, President of Whirlpool EMEA.

The new structure, which responds to a detailed analysis of planning and logistics operations in the EMEA Region, focuses on providing standardization and stability, with the aim of centralizing the planning and demand management process.

“Poland is one of the most important Countries in the EMEA Region in terms of quality and pace of development.Thus, from the perspective of Whirlpool EMEA, it is an optimal, strategic location for the Shared Service Centre for Supply Chain,” said Luigi La Morgia, Vice President Integrated Supply Chain, Whirlpool EMEA. “This business decision confirms the importance of the Country for our Company and our trust in the team.”

Whirlpool's Shared Services Centre for Supply Chain - Łódź, Poland

Whirlpool’s new SSC SC is located in an area known as the ‘New Centre of Łódź’, which already hosts the SSC for Finance for Whirlpool EMEA. The Centre currently employs about 50 people. The structure, which has to operate across different markets, represents a breeding ground for building an international team and for further growth by specialists of replenishment, market planners and material planners..

“The availability of an ambitious and creative staff, as well as the city’s potential, is assessed very highly” – said Zygmunt Łopalewski, Corporate Communications Senior Manager, Whirlpool EMEA – “The Company is keen to attract the best local and international talents to enable a progressive and sustainable growth of the Łódź Center in the future, partnering with the local government and universities – especially regarding student internships. We are always looking for people with diverse backgrounds, market-centric approach, strong analytical skills, spirit of winning and target orientation.”

The Company has 20 years of business continuity in Łódź region. It currently operates in manufacturing with the new dryers plant, opened in December 2018, the cooking and plastic components plant. Together with SSC’s for Finance and Supply Chain, Whirlpool employs in Łódź around 2,000 people, making the Company one of the biggest foreign investors in the Region.