Alessandro Magnoni wins Communicator of the Year Award_Premio Ischia for Journalism

Alessandro Magnoni, Senior Director Communication and Government Relations at Whirlpool Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), has won the Ischia Communicator of the Year Award. Having reached its 12th edition, the Award acclaims professionals who promote and sustain the reputation of public organizations, no-profit bodies, institutions and private companies in general, professionals who achieve their objectives by developing initiatives with outstanding commitment, creativity and innovation, including the use of social media. The Award will be handed over at the 40th “Premio Ischia” for Journalism taking place on 28 and 29 June under the aegis of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Ischia International Journalism Award is one of the most important and prestigious awards dedicated to journalism and communication in Italy.

“The Award was assigned to Alessandro Magnoni,” reads the jury’s citation, “for outstanding expertise and professionalism in his long career as a communicator in some of the biggest and most successful multinationals. And for his fine sensibility on social issues, as shown in the most recent campaigns he’s organized: Moments Not To Be Wasted, an educational project against food waste engaging over 1 million people in various countries, Community Day, addressing over 500 employees from 10 countries who devoted a day of their work to serving local no-profit organizations, and PlasticLess, an innovative project in collaboration with LifeGate to install devices in Italy’s ports to collect waste from the water”.

“I’m honoured to receive this prestigious accolade from one of Italy’s most important awards systems for the profession of business communication,” said Alessandro Magnoni, Senior Director Communication and Government Relations, Whirlpool EMEA. “I’d like to thank Whirlpool Corporation and in particular my team, whose passion, enthusiasm and support in doing the best possible job I can count on everyday. I firmly believe that to deal with the complexity of today’s economic and industrial scenario communication must convey vision and values to various stakeholders, so that they can participate in a common mission, that of sustainable and inclusive development. The projects we have carried through move in this direction, for we know that an enterprise cannot turn its back on the major challenges we are faced with.”