Whirlpool EMEA Community Day 2018

Gather in the name of solidarity and closeness to those in need, committed to working with non-profit organizations and contribute with time and energy to carry out community service. This is the spirit that drives the Whirlpool EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Community Day. For this second edition, more than 500 employees and 29 NGOs in 10 countries will be involved, from the headquarters in Pero to the United Arab Emirates, from France to Morocco, for a total of 4.000 hours dedicated to volunteering.

“Whirlpool means research, innovation, investments and employment” – underlined Alessandro Magnoni, Senior Director Communication and Government Relations Whirlpool EMEA – “but it mainly means to be close to the communities where the company operates. We are aware of the positive impact that we can create in Europe, Middle East and Africa and this drives us to give back to the territory as much as we can, also through initiatives like the Community Day. This initiative is, in fact, a unique opportunity to strongly reaffirm our values thanks to the contribution that more than 500 colleagues-volunteers will give for one day.”

Raising awareness about responsible food consumption, by avoiding waste, helping the families in need to find safe and sustainable housing solutions and promoting social integration and youth employment: these are the goals of the associations involved, in line with the social responsibility strategy pursued by Whirlpool, which has always been committed to promoting a business model close to the needs of all its stakeholders.

“Building relationships based on mutual exchange and the involvement of all the stakeholders: this is the only way for a business to be truly integrated into local communities with a social consensus” – commented Karim Bruneo, Corporate Responsibility and Government Relations Manager, Whirlpool EMEA – “This year, the 2018 Community Day has grown considerably compared to the first edition that had involved only the Pero headquarters. The enthusiasm shown by the colleagues who took part in the first edition influenced the colleagues from the other Italian and EMEA sites to the point that, this year, the initiative has taken on a truly international dimension.”

In Italy, Whirlpool’s employees will be involved in activities and initiatives to support 12 non-profit organizations in the areas of Milan, Varese and Fabriano. In particular, the associations involved are:
In the Milan area: La Strada Association, La Rotonda, Banco Alimentare della Lombardia “Danilo Fossati”, Mission Bambini Foundation, ATLHA APS and the Bee.4 Altre Menti Cooperative.
In the Varese area: the Non-Profit Association Banco di Solidarietà Alimentare Non Solo Pane, the Gulliver Center Social Cooperative and the Renato Piatti Foundation.
In the Fabriano area: the Non-Profit Association Lega del Filo D’Oro, La Buona Novella Community and the Non-Profit Madonna della Rosa;
Whirlpool’s commitment regarding corporate social responsibility aims at creating a virtuous system through initiatives that guarantee and protect the wellbeing and the needs of the environment and the communities where the company operates. This commitment results every day into the creation of innovative technological solutions with a low environmental impact and into an efficient management of production and distribution processes.
For the second edition of the Community Day Whirlpool would like to thank:

Cooperativa La Strada – Italy
Associazione di promozione sociale La Rotonda – Italy
Associazione Banco Alimentare della Lombardia “Danilo Fossati” Onlus – Italy
Fondazione Mission Bambini – Italy
Bee.4 Altre Menti – Italy
Associazione Banco di Solidarietà Alimentare Non Solo Pane – Italy
Cooperativa Sociale Centro Gulliver – Italy
Fondazione Renato Piatti Onlus – Italy
Associazione Lega del Filo d’Oro Onlus – Italy
Comunità La Buona Novella – Italy
Associazione Casa Madonna della Rosa – Italy
Uit het Niets & Humain – Belgium
Habitat & Humanisme – France
Sue Ryder – UK
FoodCycle – UK
PAB – Peterborough Association for the Blind – UK
Fundación Randstad – Spain
Arep – Spain
Národná Transfúzna Služba (NTS) – Slovakia
Škola pre nevidiac Levoča – Slovakia
Tobias Krajňák – Slovakia
Beh Za Tatry – Slovakia
Happy Kids – Poland
Dom Dziecka Nr.9 – Poland
Housing First – Portugal
Crescer – Portugal
Association des Parents et Amis d’Enfants Inadaptés – Morocco

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