Every new like on the Whirlpool EMEA Facebook page will protect a square meter of Amazonian rainforest, the aim being to safeguard 10,000 sqm of forest.

Every new like on the Whirlpool EMEA Facebook page will protect a square meter of Brazilian Amazon, the aim being to safeguard 10,000 sqm of forest

Through LifeGate’s “Stand Up Forests” project, the Company has committed to safeguarding 10,000 sqm of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest

Safeguarding 10,000 sqm of Amazonian rainforest in the township of Silves, in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, for the next five years: such is the objective that Whirlpool EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) has set itself by joining “Stand Up Forests”, a LifeGate project. The initiative is part of the LifeGate Trees programme, which groups together a number of concrete environmental projects to guarantee a planet rich in nature and biodiversity for future generations.

The project chosen by Whirlpool and announced today, during World Environment Day celebrations, entails collaboration with nonprofit organizations ICEI and AVIVE and is designed to protect 560 hectares of Amazonian rainforest in Brazil by raising awareness amongst the local population. Activities are aimed to prevent and combat deforestation, arson, poaching and other environmental crimes. Brazilian Amazon, with its over 4 million sq km of forests, is the world’s largest green area. That’s why it is considered the green lung of the Planet.

In joining this project, Whirlpool is once again in the front line, providing support for environmental protection in communities where it operates. The Company will use its Whirlpool EMEA Facebook page to engage users on this issue: every new “like” on the page will help conserve a square metre of Amazonian rainforest, Earth’s natural lung, the aim being to safeguard 10,000 sqm of forest.

“Whirlpool has always been conscious of its social role and responsibility with respect to solving increasingly serious environmental problems,” said Alessandro Magnoni, Senior Director Communication and Government Relations, Whirlpool EMEA. “We have renewed our partnership with LifeGate to promote concrete action in support of the environment and the communities in which we operate and hope that our commitment on this symbolic day will give even more momentum to these environmental protection activities.”

Whirlpool has always been focused on sustainability issues, in both the development and production of home appliances and in its industrial processes and facilities, such as the new EMEA headquarters in Milan, which is certified to the highest energy management standards, thanks also the solar power system that covers 30% of the roof and is capable of saving 16 tonnes of CO2 a year.

In line with its social responsibility model, Whirlpool in the new EMEA HQ promotes also alternative and sustainable mobility for its employees by means of a special app with innovative carpooling solutions and a free shuttle bus service and is partnering with Banco Alimentare to reduce food waste and raise its people’s awareness of responsible consumption.