Whirlpool Supreme Care Dryer

There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind you experience when everything is being expertly taken care of by someone else and you can just relax. With Whirlpool’s Supreme Care tumble dryer you can be just as well looked after at home: designed around the way you live your life, it senses your needs and offers innovative features that add up to a more intuitive and effortless experience. Thanks to Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE technology and patented 3DRY system it ensures uniform drying even of bulky items such as bed linen. Whirlpool’s advanced technology also ensures enhanced performance and precision and allows the new tumble dryer to automatically optimize cycles for faster, more economical or more silent performance. That means you can trust the Supreme Care tumble dryer to perfectly dry your laundry and focus on the things in life that matter most.

6TH SENSE 3DRY technology
The patented 3DRY system ensures uniform drying even for bulky items such as bed linen for outstanding performance every time. 3DRY is powered by Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE technology: multiple sensors within the dryer work in tandem with intelligent new algorithms to more accurately detect the moisture content of garments to deliver incredibly precise drying and cycle time estimation that is tailored to every load. This innovative system combines the information from three physical sensors to calculate a further ten virtual sensors that ensure more precise and accurate drying. Based on insight from the sensors, heat is delivered into the drum from multiple directions to ensure gentler and more even distribution to every corner. This guarantees precise drying results without waste of energy and time.

Enjoy faster drying with AutoSpeed
As well as more precise, uniform drying, the new Supreme Care tumble dryer helps to save your time by always automatically setting the fastest drying time available for each cycle. This lets you dry a full laundry load while reducing cycle duration by up to 20%. This is made possible by the efficiency of the variable speed compressor, which can reduce the time needed for the initial warm-up phase by running at its fastest speed. Alternatively, when greater environmental performance is the priority, you can select the Green option, which runs the compressor at a lower speed, delivering a cycle that is optimized for lower energy consumption.

Whirlpool Supreme Care Dryer

Enjoy quieter drying
For those times when even more silent drying is desirable, the Extra Silent option reduces the level of noise. The feature is powered by the variable speed compressor, which runs at a lower speed to ensure quieter performance.

One less thing to worry about thanks to AutoCleaning filter
The Supreme Care features an AutoCleaning condenser filter that doesn’t need manually cleaning. Rather than having to regularly clean the bottom condenser filter, the dryer takes care of this for you. Its clever recirculation system reuses the water captured during drying to automatically jet clean the filter to guarantee lasting reliability and fuss-free ownership.

Keeps your garments fresh until you’re ready
Supreme Care dryers feature the unique FreshCare+ system that keeps your garments fresh and relaxed – as if just dried – for up to 6 hours after the cycle is over. This frees you to unload your dryer when it is convenient. FreshCare+ works through intelligent temperature control and delicate tumbling actions that work in tandem to inhibit the proliferation of the sources of bad odors. The system also keeps fabrics relaxed – reducing the fixing of creases so that ironing is made easier. You can activate FreshCare+ easily during both the initial stage of the cycle and at any time during the drying cycle. It can also be stopped whenever you want.

Woolmark Blue – preserving the natural beauty of wool
The Supreme Care tumble dryer lets you protect the beauty of your finest wool clothing thanks to its wool cycle. This lets you care for garments labeled “hand wash” in the dryer with ease. The cycle has received the Woolmark Blue certification from the Woolmark company, which verified the minimal level of felting and wrinkling. The wool cycle is enabled by the SenseInverter Motor, which adjusts drum movements to make the clothes cling to the side of the drum to reduce chafing and felting and preserve fabrics.

Enjoy leading edge design
The new Supreme Care tumble dryer has been finely crafted to please the eye with its minimalist, harmonious contours and flat glass porthole while offering an equally elegant user experience. Thanks to its modern, intuitive and easy-to-use touch interface it acts as an invaluable helper to make everyday life simpler and stress free.