Whirlpool #SensingYourWorld

Whirlpool is launching its #SensingYourWorld brand campaign in France to bring to life the intuitive nature of its premium W Collection appliances. The digitally focused campaign will let users explore Whirlpool’s new generation of appliances, which feature advanced 6TH SENSE Technology that can sense and guide users to achieve perfect results. This includes appliances empowered by 6TH SENSE Live connectivity app to allow effortless remote interaction via mobile devices and even voice commands using Google Home. The campaign will feature an all new video ad spot, social media-driven influencer activities and online advertising that will leverage rich media formats to make it easier to discover, explore and understand the benefits of new technologies.

“Our #SensingYourWorld campaign connects people with Whirlpool as a premium and innovative brand by bringing to life the intuitive features empowered by our 6TH SENSE Technology,” said Mariana Rodrigues, Head of Whirlpool Brand for EMEA, Whirlpool. “This campaign allows the audience to discover our new premium W Collection range and makes the advantages of new technologies more easily understood and relevant to daily life.”

Revealing the 6TH SENSE Technology difference
The #SensingYourWorld campaign will feature a new video advertisement directed by Anthony Atanasio, Valerie Martinez, Mauro Vecchi and Stefano Morcaldo from production houses Movie Magic and Tablespot. The ad spot will be a centerpiece of the digital element of the campaign and illustrates the ‘three pillars’ on which the new W Collection appliance suite has been built – innovation & intuition, design and connectivity. In the ad, a vignette of an attractive affluent couple enjoying a gourmet meal in a chic apartment reveals the premium design of W Collection appliances within fashionable, modern surroundings. Equally important is the sense of effortless perfection delivered by the intuitive 6TH SENSE Technology of appliances “that understand your desires” and that fully guide you to achieve perfect results. A panning shot through the apartment reveals an induction hob that offers to cook fish to perfection and an oven that makes creating a chef-standard chocolate fondant stress-free through helpful and intuitive technology. The advert shows differentiating features such as full color touch displays and advanced guided cooking features enabling a more enjoyable, carefree lifestyle. The advert also features Whirlpool’s icon, the Goddess character, who adds a further aspirational quality, while also representing the intuitive and listening nature of 6TH SENSE Technology.

Explaining the value of innovation
The #SensingYourWorld campaign takes on the challenge of helping prospective users to understand the experience and benefits of using innovative features that they may not have encountered or used before. This challenge is addressed through both influencer activity and by online advertising.

As part of its online and social media strategy, Whirlpool will be partnering with well-respected influencers within the French market who will create content about their experiences using the new W Collection appliances. Mariana Rodrigues, Head of Whirlpool Brand for EMEA, Whirlpool, explains why this focus on experience matters: “It’s important that as well as describing and explaining new innovations, we also show how features such as 6TH SENSE Technology or the 6TH SENSE Live app can help users achieve perfect results with minimum effort. Seeing familiar and relatable people explore and discover these benefits can really make advanced technology much more accessible and show how relevant it is for everyday life.”

The campaign will also continue to make use of programmatic digital advertising, and in particular utilize rich media ad formats, such as interactive carousel ads, which will allow users to further explore the W Collection range and its innovative features.

Enjoy a connected experience with Google Home
The new campaign will also emphasize the convenience of the Internet-enabled appliances in the W Collection range which can be controlled by voice commands, thanks to Google Home compatibility. Whirlpool will be offering customers that purchase a qualifying W Collection appliance between 1st October and 20th November 2018 a free Google Home smart speaker.