Whirlpool W Collection Supreme Clean Dishwasher

Sometimes, even our dream home comes with a few compromises, and some of the most beautiful kitchens don’t give us quite as much space as we could desire. But that’s where the compromises end: thanks to the new W Collection Supreme Clean slim size dishwasher from Whirlpool you can enjoy all the extra performance and power of a premium 60cm dishwasher in an elegant space saving appliance. Featuring Whirlpool’s PowerClean Pro system the all-new range of 45cm wide dishwashers brings the cleaning performance of a full-size model and can take on even the toughest soiling without the need to prewash. It also delivers exceptional efficiency, with an outstanding A+++ energy rating. The new W Collection Supreme Clean slim size dishwasher is available as either a built-in or freestanding model.

Enjoy sparkling results with PowerClean Pro
Thanks to PowerClean Pro technology, the new W Collection Supreme Clean slim size dishwashers offer unbeatable performance to tackle even the toughest dirt. The powerful rear water jets have been designed to achieve maximum coverage within the dishwasher tub to deliver outstanding cleaning results without the need to scrub or pre-wash by hand.

Powered by 6TH SENSE Technology
At the heart of the new W Collection Supreme Clean slim size range is Whirlpool’s unique 6TH SENSE technology. This set of smart sensors and intuitive functionalities ensures perfect dishwashing results by automatically setting cycle parameters to deliver superior cleaning performance using the best combination of water, time and energy. This ensures a remarkable saving of resources together with the convenience of being free to start a wash cycle even if the machine is not fully loaded: the dishwasher will automatically optimize its performance for the size of load too.

Small outside, bigger on the inside!
Despite its compact size on the outside, the new dishwashers feature smart design that provides surprising space inside. The PowerClean Zone contains dedicated pan holders that optimize cleaning while maximizing capacity and providing up to 30% more loading space. This allows you to conveniently load large baking dishes and pans vertically, while still ensuring maximum stability and superior cleaning results. This efficient system helps to make more room for dishes so that this compact 45cm wide dishwasher can provide outstanding capacity – with space for 10 place settings!

Whirlpool W Collection Supreme Clean Dishwasher

Natural A+++ Efficiency
The W Collection Supreme Clean slim size dishwasher delivers brilliant A+++ class efficiency thanks to the innovative NaturalDry System. During the drying phase, the door opens automatically by 10 cm to allow natural air to enter the machine and facilitate and enhance the drying process, thus saving energy.

The versatility to meet your ever-changing needs
Modern life is all about being open to change and opportunity. When our lifestyles demand flexibility, our appliances have to rise to the challenge and the new W Collection Supreme Clean slim size dishwasher offers brilliant versatility. It has a third rack that offers an extra space for cutlery and ladles, ensuring superior cleaning which helps to make room on the lower rack. Similarly, the dishwasher has a flexible interior design that can change according to your daily needs. The upper basket features sliding flaps, to securely hold all types of glasses including wine glasses, and a lift-up system to make the best use of the space between the racks. The fully foldable tinrows in the lower basket also provide the ability to freely manage the tub’s space while still ensuring outstanding cleaning with any loading combinations.

Light on Floor
On built-in models in the range, the Light on Floor feature is an effective visual system that keeps you informed on the status of the cycle, so it’s easier to know at a glance when your dishes are ready to unload.

Impeccable design, inside and out
The new Whirlpool slim size dishwashers have been meticulously crafted with an eye for perfection. This uncompromised design ethos can be seen not only in the pure, streamlined exterior but also in attractive details inside and out, such as the sleek grey racks with stainless steel handles or the red accents that subtly draw focus to the PowerClean Pro system and make loading more intuitive. This focus on effortlessly intuitive use can be seen in the fluent user experience offered by the full-touch interface that is available on premium models in the range. This makes navigation more intuitive and pleasant with clear icons and direct access to cycles.

Like every appliance in Whirlpool’s premium W Collection, this synthesis of aesthetics and purposeful and ergonomic design ensures that W Collection Supreme Clean dishwashers reward your every glance and every interaction.