Whirlpool Dual Fresh No Frost

Whether you’re discovering exciting new ingredients at the market, exploring the exotic tastes of different cuisines or trying to eat more fruit and vegetables to stay healthy, food is a daily journey. But when you’re enjoying a full life, it can often be a challenge to eat better and fresher food. That’s why Whirlpool’s stylish new combi fridge freezers offer innovative technologies to keep food fresher for longer, so you can shop less often, store more and enjoy fresh food whenever you want. With advanced 6TH SENSE technologies, the new DUAL FRESH NO FROST and FRESH NO FROST 60cm combi fridge freezers actively sense and adapt to the environment to always preserve your food in optimal conditions – helping to preserve food’s freshness and quality for up to twice as long. By working invisibly to avoid frost formation, you can also say goodbye to defrosting for good and focus more on enjoying food to the fullest.

The secret to keeping food fresh for longer is maintaining constant, optimal conditions for perfect food preservation. Whirlpool’s new fridge freezers use powerful 6TH SENSE technologies to detect and restore even tiny changes to temperature.

Whirlpool’s new DUAL FRESH NO FROST fridge freezer offers the ultimate preservation through FreshControl – a feature that precisely regulates humidity as well as temperature. Thanks to the powerful inverter motor and 6TH SENSE sensor technology FreshControl enables real time temperature and moisture control, reacting immediately to variations and quickly restoring the right climate for food. This can keep food fresher for up to twice as long as a conventional fridge.

The DUAL FRESH NO FROST controls humidity so effectively thanks to its Dual NoFrost system, which uses two independent cooling systems for the fridge and freezer. This ensures that air never flows from the fridge into the freezer and vice versa, making sure that the ideal temperature and humidity is constantly maintained in each interior – while also preventing odors from mixing between the two.

In its freezer, Whirlpool’s NoFrost technology works alongside the 6TH SENSE FreezeControl sensor to detect and prevent the temperature variations that might cause excess moisture in the freezer. This prevents the formation of macro ice crystals that damage the molecular structure of the food and results in dark discolored areas on frozen meat for example – so-called freezer burns. This revolutionary technology also means defrosting becomes a thing of the past, so there’s no need to turn off the freezer to manually defrost!

Whirlpool’s new combi FRESH NO FROST fridge freezer also offers effective temperature control and prevention of ice and frost formation in the fridge and freezer. Its fridge includes a 6TH SENSE FreshLock system that senses and quickly restores optimal temperature levels, for example, whenever the door is opened or room temperature foods are placed inside. Similarly, the 6TH SENSE FreezeLock sensor in the freezer ensures real-time temperature control and prevention of temperature fluctuations that can impact the quality and color of frozen food.

An ideal place for delicate foods
The two new fridge freezers feature compartments specifically designed to preserve freshness of meat and fish for longer. The Dual Fresh No Frost features a Cooler Compartment, while Fresh No Frost has a Fresh Box 0º compartment. These are precisely regulated at around 0ºC temperature to better preserve the nutritional value, freshness, color and taste of these delicate foods.

Designed for a superior experience
In Whirlpool’s new combi fridge freezers, superior craftsmanship meets advanced technology in timeless designs that have been created to enhance both your kitchen décor and your everyday experience.

Form and function are beautifully brought together: The gorgeous Touch Displays complement the elegant exterior design of the doors, while also making monitoring and control brilliantly intuitive. The full touch interfaces are comfortably positioned at eye-height, while the eye-catching stainless steel handles offer similarly exceptional ergonomics. Within, adjustable height shelves and door balconies make it simple to create additional room for larger items and maximize the capacity interior space.