Whirlpool has confirmed that exploratory talks are underway with Gruppo Marella, the authorities and trade unions to assess the merits of the industrial conversion project for the Albacina (Ancona) facility submitted by Francesco Marella.
The project could create over 100 jobs and enjoy the strategic advantages of the site in terms of both its conformation and its central location with respect to the property developments that Gruppo Marella has interests in.Francesco Marella represents the 3rd generation of a family of property developers and the re-industrialization project submitted by his group could prove to be a real opportunity for Regione Marche and the entire province of Fabriano in particular. It is based, in fact, on a type of product that’s in increasing demand: prefabricated concrete elements for the construction industry (cemeteries and civil).

Davide Castiglioni, Managing Director Italy and Vice-President Industrial Operations Whirlpool Europe, Middle East and Africa: “Nearly two years on from the adoption of the Italy Industrial Plan, Whirlpool has already invested around €250 million in processes, products and Research & Development out of a total of over €500 million scheduled by the end of 2018 and has reorganized the six industrial sites, each with a specific and sustainable mission,” he said. “Whirlpool’s new Melano (Ancona) facility has been turned into the EMEA region’s production centre for all its hobs, covering numerous types and finishes and including top of the range models. By April 2018 it will absorb all the personnel from the Albacina site, where production has been discontinued.”

“This morning,” added Regione Marche President Luca Ceriscioli, “I was able to meet Francesco Marella along with a number of Whirlpool executives. We looked at the conversion project for the Albacina facility, a project focusing on the future, on opportunities to relaunch business and create new jobs. Once again, I’d like to thank Whirlpool. Once again they have shown their strong commitment to Le Marche”.

Regarding the re-industrialization of Albacina, Whirlpool immediately declared, on the very day it took over Indesit Company, that it would do everything it could to contain the social impact of its industrial plan, and this was borne out by recent cases of successful re-industrialization at the None (Turin) and Teverola (Caserta) sites.