news-emea-111516-wroclawtechcenterThe establishment of a Global Technology Research Center is another step on the path of the implementation of the Industrial Plan for Poland, announced in November 2015. Its employees will design and produce refrigerator-freezer and dishwasher units under Whirlpool Corporation’s entire portfolio of brands. The technologies developed in Wroclaw are planned to be adopted worldwide.

Wroclaw, 15 November 2016 – Whirlpool announced today the establishing of a new Global R&D Center for Refrigeration and Dishwashing in Wroclaw. Poland is one of the key countries contributing to the Group’s long-term development in the EMEA Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).  Over the next three years the company will invest in Poland totally 235 million euros in factories‘ modernization, launching of new product platforms, specialization of production facilities and R&D reinforcement. The new project is an integral part of the Industrial Plan for Poland and it considerably increases the importance of the company’s Wroclaw Technology Research Center.

news-emea-111516-wroclawtechcenter2The establishment of a Whirlpool Global Technology Research Center for Refrigeration and Dishwashing is a great opportunity for professional development of engineers not just from Wroclaw, but from all over Poland. Currently, approx 240 people work at Whirlpool Global Technology Research Center in Wrocław. Two major functions are represented: Global Strategic Sourcing  (GSS) deals with projects at EMEA and global level in the area of commodity management, indirect procurement and supplier quality and Global Product Development (GPD) develops new products in the area of Refrigeration and  Dishwashing, leveraging on world class technologies in the electronics and materials domain. The new project requires the recruitment of additional 60 engineers. The technologies developed in Wroclaw are planned to be adopted worldwide.

Four out of five of the biggest producers of home appliances in the World already have their plants in Wroclaw area. Our Region is one of the most important production centers for that industry in Europe. Whirlpool,- an investor with the longest tradition and the biggest employer in Poland has the key role in that. Creation of the global Technology Research Center here will have great influence for the future of home appliances industry, not just for Europe, but also for the World”- told the President of Wroclaw, Rafal Dutkiewicz.

The recruitment of engineers for the Whirlpool Global Technology Research Center for Refrigeration  and Dishwashing is starting in the next few weeks. The company is counting on hiring experienced professionals as well as technical universities‘ top graduates, mainly from Wroclaw University of Technology. The company is looking for specialists, who will work on multi-regional projects (thermodynamics engineers, electronics technicians, mechanical/structural designers, hydraulic engineers). A key feature of the Center will be the coperation with students as part of their internship programme, which will enable them to apply and further develop their skills. At the same time, Whirlpool will have many more job opportunities to offer, especially for material engineers and production process engineers. New candidates will experience an international and diverse environment, with world class technical capabilities and tools and with the possibility to grow and develop a career into a value-based culture.

The new Whirlpool Global Technology Research Center in Wrocław confirms our appreciation for the great potential and appeal of the city. The high level of education and technical talents in Wroclaw represents a great  opportunity for us and therefore we are willing to strenghten our partnership with local universities and institutions”, Roberta Segalini, HR Director GPO EMEA & Global Platforms

The Whirlpool Global Technology Research Center in Wroclaw will start its new operations in the first quarter of 2017.