Whirlpool signs Manifesto Valore D to promote gender diversity in the corporate world

Today in Rome Whirlpool has signed the “Valore DManifesto for Women’s Empowerment, an agreement consisting of 9 points which define concrete tools, in line with the Global Reporting Initiative standards (GRI), to enhance female talent in the corporate world.

Valore D is the first Italian association of companies to promote diversity, talent and female leadership.

The companies that sign the agreement recognize it as a commitment to a strategic policy leading to greater diversity and gender inclusion. The key points of the agreement are listed below: commitment to identify a shortlist of representative candidates of both genders in the hiring phase (point 1), recognition of the increasing importance of skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for product and process innovation (point 2), monitoring of the female presence in the organization (point 3), contribution to increase female presence throughout the company until top management and executive positions (point 8). Particular attention is paid to maternity management (point 5) and to family support (points 5,6,7).

Over 100 companies associated with Valore D have signed the agreement in the presence of Maria Elena Boschi, Member of the Secretary of the Council of Ministers, Teresa Bellanova, Economic Development Vice Minister and Paola Severino, Dean of the University LUISS Guido Carli.

“Gender diversity in the workplace is a reality, a resource and a challenge we still need to conquer. It’s not only about hiring “enough” women to meet targeted quotas, it’s about giving women opportunities to grow and develop and to obtain leadership positions. For this reason, we proudly embrace Valore D’s Manifesto for Women’s Empowerment, with a special focus to promote women in STEM fields.” commented Tanya Jaeger de Foras, Vice President Whirlpool Corporation and Chief Legal Officer Whirlpool EMEA.

A recent study by UNESCO supports this argument, as women represent only 35% of all students enrolled in STEM-related fields.

“We have seen that gender gap in educational achievement in STEM subjects is influenced by experience and can be improved through targeted interventions. These findings highlight the need to pursue a holistic approach to overcoming gender differences in STEM fields including leveraging the full engagement of companies, as well as other institutions and NGOs. The role of business is crucial to provide inspiring role models and ensure that there are increasing job prospects for women in STEM. That is why we support and commit ourselves to the points highlighted in Valore D’s Manifesto.” concluded Tanya Jaeger de Foras.

The Manifesto for Women’s Empowerment obtained the support of the Italian G7 Presidency and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Equal Opportunity Department.

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