news-military-friendly-employer2018Whirlpool Corporation was recognized as a Veteran Friendly Employer for the fourth year in a row by Victory Media.  Victory Media publishes GI Jobs, Military Spouse  and other military related media.  Victory Media reviews hundreds of companies in search of those that are truly “veteran friendly”.  This year, Whirlpool is also being recognized for the first time as a Military Spouse Friendly Employer and a Military Friendly Brand.

Some of the activities that led to this recognition include;

  • Whirlpool Corporation’s sponsorship of Homes For Our Troops
  • Whirlpool manufacturing location chapter’s fundraisers for local veteran charities.
  • Whirlpool’s customer call center employment of military spouses through the Air Customer Experience Center (CxC) business.
  • Whirlpool’s generous military leave and deployment policies.

Mac Case, co-lead of the Whirlpool Veterans Association (WVA): “I’m really pleased to see Whirlpool get recognized for all the great things we do to support military veterans and military spouses.  Whirlpool as an organization has been extremely supportive of the many employees who volunteer their time to make this program effective.”

Jessica Gardner, WVA Coordinator for several Whirlpool CxC chapters added “Whirlpool’s innovative efforts to employ military spouses remotely through our call center organization is a win-win for those dedicated spouses and for the business.”