Onkobieg Whirlpool Poland

On 3rd of September, the 10th edition of Onkobieg took place. The event, hosted by the SARCOMA Association and the United Way Poland, gathered people of all age groups to run for people with oncological diseases and their families.

Onkobieg represents a charity running event in which every completed lap of the run will be rewarded by a sponsor in the form of funds paid out to the foundations that take care of patients.

Whirlpool Poland Onkobieg

For the third time in a row, Whirlpool Poland was there to support the initiative. Our colleagues decided to challenge themselves and join the group of more than 2,000 participants in making 10,700 laps around the Oncological Center in Warsaw, resulting in a run of more than 16,770 km and over 70,000 PLN raised. An amazing result for the initiative’s promoter and for all our employees who joined the race! Further, other runners were able to enjoy drinks, sweets and coffee at the Whirlpool tent.

Onkobieg Whirlpool Poland

We are so proud of our colleagues, together they helped the community creating a real moment that really matters!