Whirlpool #SensingYourWorld

Whirlpool has launched on April 8th #SensingYourWorld, an innovative new brand campaign in Italy that focuses on listening to consumers to promote the intuitive nature of its premium appliances. Over the course of the year, other countries will follow and launch the campaign. The cross-platform campaign will engage users, listen to their desires and interests and use a programmatic approach to tailor future content and messaging to build an ongoing relationship with them in a way that’s more personal and relevant. The #SensingYourWorld campaign re-invents the iconic “Goddess” figure that has become synonymous with the brand; she is presented as symbol of the company’s 6TH SENSE technology, which allows its premium appliances to sense, anticipate and connect to consumers’ lives to provide them with the freedom to focus on the things in life that matter to them most.

The #SensingYourWorld campaign will be launched with a new video advertisement directed by Anthony Atanasio and Valerie Martinez from Movie Magic production house, who have previously worked with Whirlpool. The ad spot is an abstract film that shows an elegant female figure in swirling silks observing the busy modern lives of dynamic, entrepreneurial individuals – Whirlpool’s Progressive Life Achiever audience.

The music used in the ad, “You & Me (Flume Remix)” by Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle, combines a cool, contemporary modern style with an intimate lyric of togetherness – mirroring the campaign themes of advanced technology that delivers a more personal and human touch.

“The #SensingYourWorld campaign enhances the perception of Whirlpool as a premium brand, and shows how intuitive 6TH SENSE technologies offer consumers a combination of simplicity of use, advanced performance and leading-edge design that is unmatched,” said Norbert Schmidt, Whirlpool EMEA Vice President, Market Operations, Products & Brands. “In addition to engaging people with the brand in a new and compelling way, we want to personalize these benefits and show how our innovative appliances can free up valuable time to let people focus on what really matters to them.

A listening digital campaign that connects consumers’ desires to innovations

The digital dimension of the campaign will itself reflect the core message of sensing and understanding the people’s desires, and will seek to build more meaningful relationships with users. Initially, the campaign will engage users through programmatic digital advertising and invite them to communicate and express the things that really matter to them via the dedicated “#SensingYourWorld” online platform. Here, they will be able to understand the desires and aspirations that connect them to other users.

Through the course of the campaign, users will be retargeted with content that is tailored to reflect their input, creating a dialogue on Whirlpool solutions that starts from their needs. For example, premium features such as Internet Connectivity will be presented in the context of the views expressed by users. As a result, the benefits of these features can be more easily understood and related to things that matter most in their everyday lives. In this respect, the campaign itself grows increasingly personal and serves as a metaphor for technology that senses your desires and adapts to your lifestyle.

The #SensingYourWorld campaign will also form the basis of influencer-driven activities via online advertising and social media. It will also feature in a very special event by Whirlpool at the Fuorisalone exhibition, which promises to seamlessly blend physical and digital in a new and exciting way.

For further information please visit Whirlpool Corporation at Eurocucina 2018.