Whirlpool South Africa

This summer, Whirlpool South Africa donated the canned foods to Morester Child and Youth Care Centre. The canned food drive, which began on July 6 and ended on July 14, collected 368 cans and donated them on August 3, making the initiative one of the best highlights put in place by our South African colleagues this year. The handover was done by our Finance Executive Sandesh Ramnath, who received and welcomed the Morester Staff: Kobus Engelbrecht, Founders Personal Assistant, Edwin Christian, General Manager, and Helen Lotz, Founder and Director of Morester Child and Youth Care Centre.

The Morester Child and Youth Care Centre is a non-profit organisation and a temporary place of safety that provides a safe and loving environment to children who suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment. These children or youth, range in age from new-born to 18 years old, were removed from their parents, or have been abandoned or abused. They will be taken care of until adoption or placement with foster parents takes place. At present, the Morester Centre hosts a total of 57 children and it needs the support of the community in order to do its activity.

“The assistance we receive such as Whirlpool’s goes a long way in ensuring that we are able to give support to adoptive parents and provide educational opportunities to the children and youths in our centre,” commented Helen Lotz, Founder of Morester Child and Youth Care Centre.