2019 Digital Edge 50 Award

We are excited to announce Whirlpool Corporation has been recognized with a 2019 Digital Edge 50 Award from IDG’s CIO, recognizing a select group of organizations that have executed digital transformation initiatives with significant, measurable business impact.

Whirlpool Corporation is focused on building and delivering products that create real meaningful value for consumers.  We’re introducing new user-friendly capabilities for our consumers while also creating new revenue streams for the company.

Vice President of Brand Management, Brett Dibkey, commented, “We view technology as an enabler to help power our mission of making the everyday acts of cooking and cleaning easier, faster, and better, and it’s exciting to have our work honored with a Digital Edge 50 award.”

One of our goals is to build a seamless experience that answers the “what’s for dinner” question, provide step-by-step guidance for new recipes, send instructions to cooking appliances to ensure perfect results, and even replenish out-of-stock ingredients. To deliver this goal, we integrated new features and capabilities with Yummly®, one of the world’s largest digital food platforms with approximately 30 million users, across the website and mobile app.  Recipes with the Connected Fork icon in the Yummly® app include step-by-step video tutorials that provide the extra assistance consumers need on busy days. Prompts in the app send cooking instructions to the consumer’s Whirlpool® smart cooking appliance at the right times, so dinner’s ready when the family is hungry.*

Whirlpool Corporation also launched a new connected beer cooler in Latin America, which is the first smart appliance of its kind. Hosting friends and family for happy hour or a celebration is one of life’s moments that matter. The SmartBeer product was created considering that our consumers do not want just a beer cooler, but a complete solution that enables them to check their stock before buying more beer, set the right temperature before a special event, and get cold beer replacement without leaving home.

“It’s exciting to see the Whirlpool team recognized externally for our innovative work in surrounding our products with capabilities that drive real consumer value,” commented Corporate Vice President and Global CIO, Mike Heim.

*Disclaimer: Select recipes only. Appliance must be set to Remote Enable. Features subject to change. Compatible connected appliance required. Details and privacy info at whirlpool.com/connect and yummly.com/privacy.