By Cean Burgeson — Whirlpool Corporation

Clyde, Ohio. Cleveland, Tennessee. Tulsa, Oklahoma.

These are more than just communities where Whirlpool Corporation has plants that make appliances. These are the places where people still put in a good day’s work. Places where teamwork happens on a daily basis. Where quality is not just a word, it’s a mission statement. Places where people are becoming pioneers in a new generation that works alongside robotics, and harnesses the power of technology to unleash new possibilities, new innovations, and new roles on the manufacturing floor.

Places That Matter - Clyde, Ohio

The Municipal Building in Clyde, Ohio.

Each city contains people who care deeply about the work that they do and the part that they play in their communities.

That’s why Whirlpool Corporation has launched a project commemorating these hard working Americans, as well as the jobs that they do and the places where they live.

“Places That Matter” is a photojournalism project launching in October by Whirlpool Corporation to celebrate Manufacturing Day. Held the first Friday in October each year, this day is an annual celebration of modern manufacturing.

This year, as in previous years, Whirlpool Corporation will expand Manufacturing Day (Oct. 5) into an entire month-long celebration intended to inspire the next generation of manufacturing workers. The occasion will mark progress made both across the industry and within Whirlpool Corporation, from adapting intricate material and operational design changes, to integrating collaborative robotics and connected devices that increase process efficiencies and give employees room to grow. The Places That Matter project will also be a large part of this celebration.

Started originally in Whirlpool Corporation’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) region, the project chronicles the stories of Whirlpool Corporation employees in various plant cities with a series of still photos edited into short videos. The narrative of each piece is delivered through the words of the people profiled at each plant.

Their stories are at times unique — other times inspirational — and always compelling.

The United States version of the series begins with profiles of the plants in Clyde, Ohio, Cleveland, Tennessee and Tulsa, Oklahoma during the month of October. The other six U.S. plant cities will be profiled in subsequent months, with the project continuing into 2019 leading up to next year’s Manufacturing Month.

A special Benton Harbor/St. Joseph “Twin Cities” video was released during the last week of September to highlight the site of Whirlpool Corporation’s Global and North American Headquarters.