Whirlpool Corporation is continuing their efforts to think green when it comes to powering their manufacturing plants.

It’s hard to miss, but there’s a new 25 story wind turbine just down the road from the Ottawa Whirlpool Plant. This is the third Whirlpool operation in Ohio to use wind energy to partially power the plant. The turbine will capture an acre and half of air and use it to generate enough electricity to power 300 to 400 homes.

“So the thing that Whirlpool has done that is impressive and is many ways unique in the industry, is that they’ve found a way to truly say how do we be profitable and sustainable, and they’ve done that in other areas of their business and they did the same level of scrutiny on an energy project. How do we find a way make our business more profitable, how do we know the price of power in 20 years, while at the same time saying how do we be responsible corporate citizens? And when you can mix those two and can get good results in both, that’s a project that’s hard to turn down,” explained Jereme Kent, CEO of One Energy

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