Whirlpool Canada received the 2015 ENERGY STAR® Manufacturer of the Year award from Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN).

Whirlpool has a long history in environmental stewardship including helping to draft the first ENERGY STAR appliance standards.  ENERGY STAR continues to be an important part of Whirlpool’s broad-based sustainability strategy including efforts that reduced the company’s absolute GHG emissions by 6.6% from 2003-2012.

“Building water- and energy-efficient products lets our consumers save money and make a significant contribution to protecting the environment — all without sacrificing performance or innovation,” said Gary Power, vice president and general manager for Whirlpool Canada. “We are proud to be recognized with the Manufacturer of the Year award again this year.”

The award recognizes achievements that advance market transformation related to energy efficiency, and Whirlpool’s ongoing leadership in offering a broad range of highly efficient home appliances to Canadian consumers. Whirlpool Canada has received an impressive twelve ENERGY STAR Recognition Awards, including nine as Manufacturer of the Year, one as Participant of the Year, and two for Sustained Excellence.

Whirlpool Canada markets 360 models of ENERGY STAR. Eighty percent of the washers, dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers that Whirlpool Canada sells are ENERGY STAR certified.  In 2014 Whirlpool introduced the first ENERGY STAR certified clothes dryer to consumers. Today all Whirlpool and Maytag brand front-load electric clothes dryers are ENERGY STAR certified, using 20 percent less energy than U.S. standards. The company also introduced an innovative hybrid heat pump dryer in 2014.

Whirlpool’s positive impact in the market is due not just to its size and scope but also to its continuing innovation and commitment to growing the market in Canada for high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR certified products. The company also invests an unprecedented level of resources in training, most of it dedicated to ENERGY STAR content, including a new comprehensive in-store consumer engagement program.  Whirlpool’s strong marketing and digital presence included millions of visits to its corporate brand websites. Whirlpool also has an ongoing commitment to outfit Habitat for Humanity new homes in the Toronto area with ENERGY STAR certified appliances.