Traveling to areas affected by the earthquake, it will then be used to provide assistance to those without homes

First ever mobile laundromat mobile laundromat by Whirlpool Corporation delivered to Amatrice

A new mobile laundromat, equipped with washing machines and dryers, is now available to people struck by seismic activity around Amatrice. The product of collaboration between the Whirlpool Corporation and the Italian Red Cross, this entirely unique vehicle it will bolster the IRC’s ability to respond out in the field.

Mobile laundromat delivered to community of Amatrice is designed in joint collaboration between the Whirlpool Corporation and the Italian Red Cross

Presented this morning at the headquarters of the Italian Red Cross, the laundromat on wheels had already been delivered to the Regional Committee of the Red Cross in the Lazio Region, which will thus provide further support to the more isolated communities in the Municipality of Amatrice. Moving forward, the vehicle will be used to bring services to those without homes in the entire region, remaining on-call in case of future emergencies.

The vehicle presented today was made possible by a total donation from Whirlpool to the Red Cross of €170,000, raised thanks to the contribution of Whirlpool employees in Italy who enthusiastically responded to the company’s call and gave a percentage of their wages. The funds collected via payroll giving, amounting to €85,000, were then doubled by a matching gift from Whirlpool.

Collaboration between the Whirlpool Corporation and the Italian Red Cross won’t stop here. The completion of this vehicle, fully equipped with washers and dryers donated by Whirlpool, will be followed by the donation of other similar mobile units that will help the Italian Red Cross as it provides much-needed aid to vulnerable populations.

“With this project, we’ve renewed our commitment to activities which respond to the needs and expectations of the communities in places where we operate. We’re proud to continue our collaboration with the Italian Red Cross, an excellent example of volunteers and professionals serving citizens,” stated Esther Berrozpe Galindo, President of Whirlpool EMEA and Executive Vice President of the Whirlpool Corporation. “The response from our employees was extraordinary. We hope that our support has helped rebuild the familiar, everyday lives of people in impacted communities.”

Italy's first ever mobile laundromat delivered to community of Amatrice

The delivery of the mobile laundry to community of Amatrice and its Mayor.

“The efforts of the Italian Red Cross have always been aimed at serving those going through hard times by providing concrete assistance for problems both large and small. Thanks to the work carried out in recent years, large companies such as Whirlpool have decided to offer their invaluable contributions,” observed Francesco Rocca, President of the Italian Red Cross. “I would personally like to thank those who decided to donate a part of their salary to help create this truly special vehicle,” added Mr. Rocca, “as it will be useful for the communities struck by the earthquake and will make it possible for the Red Cross to respond more broadly to needs which arise in Italy in the future.”