Hotpoint Natis Washing Machine

When your family lives life to the fullest, their clothes are also bound to experience a few adventures – and the occasional accident, too! Stains may be a fact of life, but no matter how exciting things get, no one wants to keep them as a souvenir. Now, thanks to the new Hotpoint Active washing machine, you can treasure memories – and your favorite clothes – without having to keep the stains.

Thanks to its innovative ActiveCare system, the new Hotpoint washing machine ensures that you don’t have to choose between maximum fabric care or optimal cleaning results. ActiveCare ensures that there is no compromise when looking after your garments, by removing more than 100 stains at only 20°C.* ActiveCare offers ultimate cleaning results and maximum protection of colors and fabrics, so it can be trusted with your most treasured garments.

Three Technologies to Actively Care for the Clothes You Love
The innovative ActiveCare system is based on a powerful threefold combination; the detergent is pre-mixed with water and creates an Active Mousse speeding up the action of enzymes. The higher efficacy of the mousse leads to the same cleaning results of a classic detergent, but at lower temperatures. This helps to preserve both colors and fabrics. The 10 multiple movements of the Active Drum are also responsible for the extraordinary cleaning performance of the washing machine; more than 100 stains are effectively removed, even at low temperatures, perfectly maintaining the conditions of garments.* Last, but not least, the ActiveCare system is characterized by the Active Load, an intelligent technology that is able to set the right amount of water and time, depending on the load size and type, boosting performances while minimizing energy and water consumption. Together, these technologies ensure maximum stain removal and effective deep cleaning at significantly low temperatures, without the need for pre-treatments, helping to safely preserve the fabrics and colors of your clothing.

High Performance with Effective Steam Features
The washing machine’s innovative Steam Pack combines reliable performance and maximum care for garments, offering the double benefit of steam. The Steam Hygiene programme eliminates 99.9% of most common bacteria, even at a low temperature, while the Steam Refresh cycle revives clothes with steam molecules, removing any unpleasant odours and relaxing fabric fibres to reduce wrinkles – all in just 20 minutes time.

Hotpoint Natis Washing Machine

Stop&Add function
With Stop&Add, you can add any forgotten garments during the cycle without compromising washing performance. In case you realise you forgot to add a T-shirt or your favourite jeans the icon on the display will signal till when additional garments can be added into the machine.

Connect with a Refreshingly Modern Experience
In addition to making stain removal refreshingly effortless, the new Hotpoint Active washing machine brings a breath of fresh air to everyday life. Offering a stylish contemporary design, the appliance includes a large door ringed with premium, stainless steel and a new, large clear display with a touch-button user interface to make operations pleasantly straightforward. Adding even greater convenience, the washing machine also features wifi, allowing for remote control anywhere, anytime, and based on your preferences via the new Hotpoint Home Net app.

Whether You Prefer Faster or More Eco-Friendly – Wash Your Way
Hotpoint’s new Active washing machine offers a wide range of cycles to ensure it’s easy to look after your garments in the way you prefer to care for them. Some cycles even offer a special Rapid I Eco option, which lets you choose between a time-reduction and an energy-saving action to customize selected programs, in order to achieve the results you’re looking for.** The feature is incredibly intuitive. Simply press the ‘Rapid I Eco’ button once for time saving and twice for Eco. For faster laundry, the Rapid option can reduce time by up to 50%, while the Eco option reduces energy consumption by up to 20%, so you can help care for the environment. In addition to the direct control for Rapid I Eco, there is also a Rapid button for selecting a range of time reduction options, up to a 50% shorter cycle time.***

With this wealth of innovative technologies and choices of eco-friendly, yet powerful cycles, the Active washing machine offers an excellent combination of superior cleaning and efficiency with an A+++ energy rating. Providing a large 11kg capacity and a 1600rpm spin speed, it also offers exceptional versatility.

* Obtained on Anti Stain program (tested on Cotton) and ActiveCare option activated. Example of stains tested: pizza, coffee, pen ink, milk with cacao, bronzer, mud.
** Rapid I Eco option available for the following cycles: Mixed, 40/60°C Cotton CTI, 40/60°C Sint CTI, Delicate 40°C, Daily Cotton, Bed & Bath 60°C. Rapid option available for Rapid 30.
*** The percentages will vary according to load & program selected.