10. When the weather changes your grilling plans. Who hasn’t had to be creative at the last minute when mother nature’s plans don’t mesh with yours?

9. Forgetting to empty your pockets. Here’s hoping for a washing machine in the future that will shoot your electronics out of the tub when they accidentally fall in.


8. Staring at the cookies to make them bake faster. Cookies are delicious. Period.

7. Letting your pet help with cleanup. Hey, it conserves water…maybe?

5. Taking your sweet time when finding the perfect snack. He chose the cheese. It’s always the cheese…especially when there’s something really good on TV.

4. Rockin’ out when you hear your jam. Eventually, the rhythm is going to get you.


3. When nachos are the only answer. No further explanation needed.


1. And finally, the #1 time the Maytag Man got real was when he reminded us that it matters where your appliances is made and who is making it. Visit www.maytag.com for a full list of Maytag brand appliances that are designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.


Get real with the Maytag Man at http://giphy.com/maytag.