OneStepStories-TimMMy coach helped me change a habit I had for a quarter of a century.

I am an active man and always have been. I was frustrated with blood pressure issues that negatively impacted my health.

My health coach, Tim, was checking employee blood pressure readings.  I approached him to take mine and to get advice on dietary changes to reduce salt intake and soda.

For more than 25 years, I had a soda or two every morning before work, usually totaling four by the end of the day. My coach helped me establish a plan to replace soda with ice water.

The changes helped lower my blood pressure significantly, giving me greater peace of mind about my future health. Other people say they can tell I am calmer throughout my day, less stressed and more confident about my health. I also am more aware of food labels and the foods that I am putting in my body. This has led to  overall better health and lower weight.

My biggest supporters were my health coach, Tim, and my wife, Mary. My coach continued to take my blood pressure and talk me through small milestones throughout the process. It’s amazing that Whirlpool provides an onsite health coach for face to face interaction and constant support.

The changes I’ve made in my diet have changed my life. I have found a sustainable plan. I will never go back. In fact, I would like to continue to improve my knowledge and practice of diet and exercise. I want to continue to work with my health coach to ensure I have an enjoyable and healthy lifestyle as I age.

I want to refer more individuals to our health coach. He will be happy to assist you in improving your health and improving your lifestyle.

Tim Moore, Amana, IA

March 29, 2016