The ReNEWW House near Purdue University

There has long been an argument that homes and buildings are reliant on 19th-century technologies. The result is that while home climate-control systems and features such has windows have improved over the years, homes and buildings are still inefficient.

One project that is trying to get ahead of the curve is the ReNEWW House, a partnership between Purdue University and Whirlpool Corp. The aim is to transform an existing home near campus into a green building research laboratory and sustainable living “showcase.”

Whirlpool says it is working with researchers at Purdue to develop next-generation appliances that will be more efficient, improve performance and mitigate their impact on the environment – which will benefit consumers in the long run as they will pay less to use and maintain them.

To learn more, TriplePundit spoke with Maureen Sertich, North America sustainability lead at Whirlpool.

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