OneStepStories-ShannonBI was tired of being sick, tired and having no energy, so I decided to make a change.

Before I began, I would just sit around at home playing games on my phone, sit on the couch watching tv, I had no energy, I was irritable, my feet always hurt, I was out of breath walking from the front door to the car, and my back would hurt in just that short distance. I tried to exercise but regardless of what I did, it still didn’t help. I would eat out all the time and my portion size when i ate was double or almost triple of what i eat now. I had swollen ankles, body aches and I thought something was really wrong with me. I had been diagnosed with Prediabetes and had to start taking Metformin, not to mention I also have Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) which slows down my metabolism. I was miserable and had no energy. It also affected my work and my attitude. I was not able to do active things with my daughter, my job performance was suffering and my life in general was being wasted.

I was tired of being sick, tired and having no energy, so I decided to make a change. After going back and forth to my dr and with my health going down the wrong path, I decided to get a membership at the local Planet Fitness. I started working out on occasion but I still wasn’t eating right or seeing any results. One day I went in to workout and my trainer’s area supervisor was there. She broke it down to me and laid everything on the line. What she told me was, “It’s a lifelong journey and a lifestyle change. It’s a struggle but it’s just like putting your clothes on and brushing your teeth, you need to make it a part of your everyday life just like waking up.” She also told me to think about how much my daughter and my family need me and will need me for a long time. While she’s telling me all this I was in tears, but I knew what she was saying was the truth. Right there it hit me hard and I knew I had to get started and look toward the future. Now I tell myself daily that this is a part of my every day.

The changes don’t happen overnight as I still struggle but I stay positive. I started writing down what I eat and showing it to my trainer. Accountability is one of the major keys in a lifestyle change and determination. I quit smoking too which helped tremendously. As i started to lose weight my breathing became easier and I could go longer with my exercise. My clothes started to fit better and I was even able to buy me a cute pair of workout pants. It felt great to show them off! I have also been able to be more active with my daughter and I definitely have more energy.

Since I have started this journey I have lost 53 lbs. My life is better now and ever changing. I have been an inspiration to myself, to others at the gym and at work. I have had people at the gym tell me I’m their motivation and they come to talk to me to tell me about their setbacks and accomplishments. I also have inspired some of my co-workers and supervisors. They are all proud of me and my continuing accomplishments. Whirlpool is one big family and I have lots of support and encouragement from everyone! My trainers at the gym are also some of my biggest supporters.

Through this experience I would recommend to always keep your head up, it does get tough at times and there are occasional set backs but there is always a new day to start over and try again, there is support everywhere you go. You will succeed if you make your lifestyle change a part of your EVERYDAY!!!!

Shannon Brookshire, Cleveland Call Center, TN

March 29, 2016