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Getting daily exercise can be beneficial for both mental and physical health.

Fall River employee taking exercise selfie in front of water and the bridgeTo help encourage a healthier lifestyle, Whirlpool Corp.’s Fall River Operations started a step challenge in the month of June to encourage employees to try to reach a goal of 35,000 steps a week. This program is in addition to the #OneWhirlpool Walking Challenge that asks employees in the U.S. and Canada to collectively take enough steps to walk around the globe. Whirlpool Corp. will donate $50,000 for each trip around the world to the United Way.

For one Fall River employee, the chance to donate to United Way and become healthier is something personally impactful. Scott Cabral is a Group Leader for Paint and ENV Specialist at the plant. This year, he celebrated 34 years with Whirlpool Corp. and was just recognized as the Employee of the Month in June for his hard work and dedication to Fall River Operations.

At the start of this year, employees at Fall River had the opportunity to create a health-related goal stating what they wanted to do to be well during 2022; whether that was through exercise, eating right, drinking more water, or other activities. For Cabral, this was his spark to make a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle. In March, the plant also started a weight-loss “Biggest Loser” fitness challenge that he is taking part in.

When the step and walking challenge started, this became his motivation to walk even more than he already did and eat healthier to reach his goal weight. On average, his daily steps range from 30,000-45,000 consistently, with 15,000-16,000 of those steps coming from walking in the plant.

Scott Cabral taking selfie in front of water with a railing behind him.“Walking relaxes me and keeps me sane,” said Cabral,. “I don’t think about the weather. I put on headphones and just go, whether I’m having a good or bad day. It helps melt my stress away. Once you start moving, you don’t even think about it.” He will walk multiple times a day, sometimes for 45 minutes to an hour before picking up his grandkids and another 45 minutes to an hour walk at night. To improve his overall health, he has also started eating more fruits and vegetables, fish, salads for lunch, and cutting out junk food at night. Since March 1st, Cabral has lost 45 pounds.

Along with wanting to lose weight, Cabral had another motivational factor for participating in the #OneWhirlpool Walking Challenge. About 20 years ago, his mom was fighting cancer and the United Way helped his family before she passed away. United Way’s hospice outreach program provided his mom with a hospital bed and nurses at home. Every nurse was incredible and made such a difficult time a little less stressful.

“If everyone turns their steps in, $50,000 can go a long way for people in our own communities, like my family,” said Cabral. “You have nothing to lose but weight and stress. This challenge is a great opportunity for the Fall River and Whirlpool teams to come together to help United Way.”

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