Rogerio MartinsThe former Global Refrigeration platform leader reflects on key moments of his 32-year career

Thirty-two years with Whirlpool Corporation comes to a close March 1 when Rogerio Martins begins the next stage of his life in retirement.

Rogerio achieved a university degree in engineering before coming to work at Whirlpool Corporation in Brazil. His first role was in the factory where he began a lifetime career learning about people, products, and how to achieve success. Asked about the defining moments of his career, Rogerio broke them down into four areas.

MOMENT 1 – Develop and Engage People

Rogerio says he realized very early all the knowledge about science and engineering prepared him for only part of his day-to-day work. He quickly developed an appreciation for people motivation and an understanding of the need to inspire, develop and engage people. Doing so helped achieve the desired work results more quickly.

MOMENT 2 – Own My Career

Another early learning for Rogerio: the understanding he had to own his own career. “I didn’t just come to work and expect opportunity to invite me. I knew I needed to play a very active role in creating my path and developing where I had gaps,” says Rogerio.

Rogerio MartinsMOMENT 3 – Understand Customer Expectations, Drive Innovation

One of Rogerio’s development areas was to think of solutions not just in terms of available technology or engineering processes, but as a way to understand, satisfy, and delight consumers. “Thinking outside of supply side into what drives demand was eye-opening and forced me to think beyond the logical into consumer emotion. This is what real innovation means to me.”

MOMENT 4 – Diversity With Inclusion

After an early career focused primarily on the Latin America Region, Rogerio was challenged to lead a global refrigeration project. “We were building one product for four different cultures in four different regions, reflecting the values of four different brands. That was an important moment building my belief in the value to include and respect diversity in all dimensions on everything I did.”Formerly a Global Platform Leader in Refrigeration, Rogerio most recently led the Global Product Organization’s cross-category work to significantly reduce part and architecture complexity.

“Rogerio has been an important guiding voice and leader and while his contributions will be lasting, they will be missed. His guidance and insights have proven invaluable to countless teams and inspired new generations of leaders – some serving in senior roles today,” says Roberto Campos, GPO Leader.