Deboleena BoseAs both a woman and Asian American, Deboleena Bose is personally committed to Diversity and Inclusion at Whirlpool Corporation.

In her short time at Whirlpool Corporation, Deboleena Bose has seen some inspiring examples of Diversity and Inclusion commitments, including transparent discussions with leaders, the eight Employee Resource Groups, and the Catalyst® CEO Champions For Change Pledge by CEO Marc Bitzer. “I am proud to work for a company where the CEO is such a huge advocate for diversity and inclusion,” said Bose. “It is energizing to see Marc being a visible champion.”

Three months ago Bose joined Whirlpool as the Vice President of Human Resources for the North America Region after 20 plus years at General Electric. The industry, company culture and local area attracted her to the role. She brings a strong portfolio of human resources professional experience in Talent Management, Organizational Development, and Employee Engagement.

When asked about the biggest challenges with her role, Bose stated, “More than challenges, I think we have a lot of opportunities. We have fantastic talent. I am always thinking of how we continue to help our employees grow, develop and build rewarding careers in Whirlpool. Also, we are growing in multiple, exciting, areas. How do we bring in talent who can help us move quickly?”

“Diversity and Inclusion is a key part of our talent strategy as it enables us to have the culture we want to have,” said Bose. “We have made good progress. I am excited to see the leadership commitment and the engagement of the teams. There is a lot more we can do in terms pushing the envelope to move faster on this.”