news-EMEA-PG-WHRMilan, 23 March 2017 – Procter & Gamble and Whirlpool Corporation have teamed up to support communities hit by the earthquake in central Italy. The solidarity initiative headed by the two multinationals, in collaboration with the Italian Civil Protection Department, provides for the donation of 10 laundry containers, each equipped with washing machines, dryers and irons (Whirlpool, Indesit and Hotpoint) and P&G laundry detergents (Dash and Lenor). They will be installed in container modules guaranteeing assistance to citizens in the earthquake affected areas.

This collaboration between P&G, whose products are used by nearly five billion people worldwide, and Whirlpool Corporation, the number one major appliance manufacturer in the world, aims to offer concrete aid to communities hit by the earthquake by enabling them to carry out daily tasks like washing and ironing despite the precarious conditions they are in. The laundry containers will be added onto the housing modules set up in Norcia, Ancarano, Frascaro, Popoli, San Pellegrino and Savelli, and be active right round the clock, free of charge.

“On behalf of the Civil Protection system, I thank Whirlpool and P&G, who have fully understood the real needs of the stricken territories and offered a donation of extreme usefulness to citizens in distress,” said Angelo Borrelli, Vice Head of Department, Civil Protection. “As always happens, we’ve been able to learn a lot from this emergency too and I believe we’ve laid the foundations for collaboration that can grow in the future.”

“Collaboration with Procter & Gamble and the Civil Protection Department is one of a series of initiatives to support earthquake stricken communities that have a common denominator: solidarity,” commented Esther Berrozpe Galindo, President of Whirlpool EMEA and Vice President of Whirlpool Corporation. “Being part of a community also means being there for people in adverse circumstances. Whirlpool and its people immediately mobilized to make a concrete contribution to the aid effort.”

“P&G products accompany Italians throughout their day to day lives,” said Sami Kahale, President and CEO P&G South Europe. “As a company whose mission is to improve the quality of life through its products we could not fail to do something to help families stricken by the tragedy of an earthquake. In joining forces with Whirlpool Corporation and the Civil Protection Department we saw a way to offering people real help, by enabling them to do their laundry, which we hope will restore a little of their familiar day-to-day routine so dramatically interrupted by the earthquake.”