(BUSINESS WIRE)–In a world where innovation constantly improves people’s lives, puts them in control and gives them more of what they love on demand, consumers can now enjoy those benefits in clothing care. Today, P&G (NYSE: PG) and Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE: WHR), two of the world’s leading companies for laundry care, are excited to announce the introduction of SWASH™. SWASH™ is a revolutionary at-home clothing care system that reduces wrinkles, refreshes fabric, restores the fit lost after wear and preserves clothing, in just ten minutes with the push of a button. The SWASH™ system, designed to fit into a living space such as a bedroom or closet, allows people to reduce or eliminate ironing, save on dry cleaning and better care for and preserve clothes – even hard to care for favorite pieces.

“SWASH™ helps eliminate those issues – allowing you to make the most of your closet, shop a little more freely and always look and feel your best. I’ve been using it both personally and professionally and it’s a total game-changer.”


P&G and Whirlpool identified a number of trends that prompted the development of SWASH™. They discovered that people are reluctant to excessively launder or dry clean their clothing for fear of damage. This has led to the adoption of unique clothing care measures like showering with denim, freezing cashmere and putting clothing in a salad spinner to dry. At the same time, people have become resigned to the high cost and inconvenience of processes like dry cleaning, ironing or steaming. (People who dry clean at least once a month spend over $750 a year on the service and 80% of consumers report that they don’t enjoy ironing.) The trend of re-wearing clothing between washes is also on the rise.

“We have talked to thousands of people over the years that have told us they are yearning for a better way to care for clothing in between laundering and dry cleaning. Until today there hasn’t been an effective solution. I am thrilled to share that SWASH™ is just that and more,” said Charles Pierce, group president of P&G New Business Creation. “SWASH™ gets clothes ready to wear quickly, effectively, easily and without requiring extensive resources. In the amount of time it takes one to shower, clothing will be ready to wear.”


The SWASH™ system uses an integrated tension system to gently hold clothes in place, while an advanced spray technology applies a uniquely designed solution to the clothing from the SWASH PODS™ cup. Then, a rapid thermal drying function combines an express heat system with airflow recirculation to dry clothes quickly.

“People want a simpler and quicker way to care for clothing,” said Brett Dibkey, vice president of Whirlpool Corporation’s Integrated Business Units. “With the introduction of the SWASH™ system, we’ve harnessed the strength of the two leaders in the laundry category to bring forward a truly innovative solution that will change the way people across the country care for their favorite pieces of clothing.”

The SWASH™ system plugs directly into a standard 120-volt wall outlet and requires no water, plumbing, pipes, vents, special hook-ups or professional installation. SWASH™ can be used on such fabrics as denim, wool, polyester, lycra, cotton, cashmere, sequins, delicate beading and lace. The SWASH™ system’s core benefits are:

  • De-wrinkle: Removes light wrinkles for a clean look
    Reduces the need to steam or iron clothes before wear by precisely holding clothing in place to allow the formula in the SWASH PODSTM cups to gently relax fabrics as the rapid drying system leaves them ready to wear.
  • RefreshNeutralizes odors and leaves clothes smelling clean
    Effectively removes unpleasant smells from fabrics by neutralizing odors, releasing them from fabrics and carrying them away from garments. The SWASH PODSTM cups add a delightful, fresh scent.
  • Restore: Restores the fit of clothes that’s lost after wear
    Over time and as clothes are worn – especially sweaters and jeans – the fibers in them become stretched out, contributing to clothes looking as though they have lost their perfect fit. The formula in the SWASH PODSTM cups penetrates the stretched fabric fibers and then restores the fit to clothes that’s lost after wear.
  • PreserveExtends the life of garments
    Gentle on clothes and doesn’t wash away dyes. It prevents stress that causes pilling and fiber loss and uses optimal heat to provide the best care for clothing without causing damage. The SWASH™ system is great for use on delicate and embellished clothing that people are often reluctant to care for at home.


Over the next year, famed Hollywood stylist Kate Young will be collaborating with P&G and Whirlpool to spread the word about this new device that is positioned to become the ultimate clothing care accessory for fashion lovers across the country.

“I have always loved clothing and fashion. The best feeling is having confidence in what you’re wearing, yet so often we’re limited in our choices because garments are wrinkled, don’t smell fresh or no longer look like they did when you purchased them. There is also the boring practicality of avoiding spectacular purchases because their care seems too difficult,” says Kate Young. “SWASH™ helps eliminate those issues – allowing you to make the most of your closet, shop a little more freely and always look and feel your best. I’ve been using it both personally and professionally and it’s a total game-changer.”

Kate Young, P&G and Whirlpool will unveil the new SWASH™ system this evening at an exclusive event at The Standard hotel in New York City for hundreds of style enthusiasts. The event will feature a preview of fall’s hottest fashions styled by Kate Young and Bloomingdale’s.


The SWASH™ system is now available for pre-order exclusively at Bloomingdale’s stores and on Bloomingdales.com and will be featured at select Delta Sky Club lounges. The SWASH™ system will be broadly available for sale nationwide at retailers, such as Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond, starting in September 2014. SWASH™ will be available in Shadow and Linen with a suggested retail price of $499. The SWASH PODSTM cups will be available in multiple scents – Awaken, Recharge and Unwind – with the suggested retail price of $6.99 for 12 cups.