If you’ve admired Gladiator® products and always wanted them in your home or garage, there’s probably one question that comes to mind immediately: “Where do I start?”

With so many different wall organization kits, cabinets and workbenches to choose from, it can be a bit daunting at first. That’s why the team at Gladiator brand has put together some resources to help you take your first steps:

1. You can pick up the phone and talk directly to the Gladiator®​ Customer Loyalty Team at (866) 342-4089, who are all experts and can help you plan the perfect system for organizing any space.

2. If you’re more of a “do it yourselfer,” there’s an “Inspiration & Planning” tab on the website that links to helpful videos.

3. There’s also the WhatWorks blog that details customer-submitted projects.

4. Lastly, Design Studio allows customers to choose from pre-designed rooms, saved designs or to start their own organization design plan specific to their unique spaces.

A Kit for Every Passion

One way to figure out the right kit for you is to take a look at all-in-one kits designed for specific purposes. These are designed to help organize your gear so you can pursue your activities, hobbies and passions. For example, there are kits available for the entryway, general organization (the original GearTrack® Pack), lawn care, gardening, bike equipment, and to hold sports gear (Sports Gear Kit or Sports Caddy.) There’s also a caddy made just for golf—the Golf GearTrack® Pack.

New Ways to Use Gladiator® Products

The great thing about Gladiator® products is that there’s no right or wrong way to use them. Here are a few creative ways that customers used Gladiator brand:

An adjustable workbench with a full length power strip makes a great computer desk.

A couple of twin hooks placed next to each other are great for holding hunting boots upside down so they can dry…or for holding stadium seats and camp chairs.

A Modular GearDrawer makes a great nightstand

Gladiator mesh baskets can help with closet organization

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to let your imagination be your guide or reach out to a Gladiator® professional for help. For every passion and organization or storage challenge, Gladiator brand has a solution. If you’ve come up with a unique way to tame your organization project, share it via social media @GladiatorGW so others can be inspired by your creation.