Indesit Push&Go Dryer

When family life gets busy, we all appreciate when household chores are made simpler – and when everyone in the home can easily share the work! That’s why Indesit’s new range of tumble dryers has been designed to make drying clothes incredibly simple. Thanks to the effortlessly intuitive Push&Go cycle, the new Indesit tumble dryers let you dry your laundry with just one push. With a fresh, modern design that brings together a high quality aesthetic and enhanced usability, the new range of condenser and heat pump dryers help to make every day life easier with features such as the Smart Iron cycle, a shoe drying rack and an Easy Cleaning Filter. Thanks to Indesit, drying becomes so simple that you don’t need to be an expert to have perfect laundry – so virtually anyone in the home can take on household tasks with confidence.

Push&Go has been created as a practical solution for simpler drying. Just push the dedicated Push&Go button and the dryer will deliver perfect drying results on all your daily mixed loads. This is achieved thanks to smart technology that does all of the hard work for you: an algorithm works with precise humidity sensors to combine the correct temperature with carefully controlled drum movements.

Making everyday life simpler
The new Indesit dryer also offers a range of features and indispensable cycles created to make real life real simple. For example, the Smart Iron cycle has been created to relax fibers to reduce wrinkles in clothing and make ironing easier.

Maintenance is also fuss-free thanks to an Easy Cleaning Filter. Available on both heat pump and condenser models, removing fluff takes just three steps: lift the handle, remove the small filter, and quickly clean. On condenser dryers in the Push&Go range, the new design is particularly convenient as it makes it possible to clean the filter without having to remove a heavy and cumbersome condenser filter device.

Push&Go dryers also provide a fast and efficient solution to safely dry sports shoes, with a special shoe rack accessory and Sports Shoes cycle. The rack keeps shoes in a vertical position to optimize airflow to ensure rapid, effective drying from heel to toe.

New modern design meets practicality
The Push&Go dryer is part of a new generation of appliances to feature Indesit’s all new design language. Refreshingly distinctive, Indesit’s new appliances bring together high quality modern style with a sense of charm and personality: they have appealingly gentle curved surfaces, rounded corners, clearer interfaces and easy to understand icons that make day-to-day interaction a breeze.

The new design of the Push&Go dryer seamlessly blends form and functionality, with attractive touches such as black and white knobs and ultra clear amber on black LED displays that enhance usability. The new door design also offers this same combination of great looks and a more intuitive user experience: as well as featuring Indesit’s signature textured motif around the porthole, the wider door makes loading and unloading easier and features an integrated ergonomic handle.

Easy enough for the whole family to #DoItTogether!
Indesit’s new Push&Go dryer has been designed to be so simple and intuitive that it’s easy for anyone in the family to take on the housework. When you don’t have to be an expert to do a job well, it becomes easier to share and for Indesit this matters: today, most household chores are still done by women, an imbalance that stands in the way of better gender equality. Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign is aiming to encourage more sharing of housework, by promoting better teamwork in the home and also by making appliances easier to use and more intuitive through great features like Push&Go, which virtually anyone can use!