Valentina Vertuccio

Have you ever wondered how internship at Whirlpool looks like? To answer this question, we have asked some of our interns, working in different roles, to talk about their experiences at Whirlpool EMEA.

Meet Valentina Vertuccio, who is working as a HR intern within the Italy Market Operations team.

I’m very curious and proactive person. During my studies I spent two years travelling around the world and thanks to this experience I’ve understood that what I wanted to do in my life was in the HR field. People represent for me the main fuel of every company and I strongly believe that I can learn a lot from them and their stories. I’m also very ambitious and in 10 years I see myself as a valued HR partner with the same willingness to learn as today.

Why Whirlpool?
Doing an internship in one of the major world’s leading home appliances company, means having a great opportunity for professional and personal growth. Teamwork, Diversity & Inclusion, Spirit of Winning, Respect and Integrity are real ways of thinking that reflect on every action and decision that people make with a continuous improvement approach. Being in the EMEA HQ, gives us the possibility to have the overall picture of how the company is structured and, furthermore, the opportunity to be in contact with different cultures and nationalities, which is in my opinion, a crucial ingredient in order to enrich a future professional career.

In my internship…
Thanks to my great team, I had the possibility from day one to take part in different projects. I’ve understood how big can be the impact of the HR role in the achievement of many business objectives. This enables HR business partners to work very closely with functional leaders in order to both add value in business decisions and encourage talent growth. I feel constantly motivated from the commitment that people add to their job and to the company. A few success stories taught me that with passion and dedication it is possible to make a real difference.

My moment that matters
In Whirlpool, every moment matters.
Every day is significant and could be a good one in order to be bold and perform above the line.
I would say that the visit to the Cassinetta site was very special. After spending my whole internship in the EMEA HQ, it has been very useful for me to observe how products and processes are made in order to better understand the business flow of such a big company.

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