Guests tour 300,000-square-foot commercial laundry, state-of-the-art facility

The Whirlpool Corporation manufacturing facility in Fall River, Massachusetts represents the completion of a multi-year project intended to support strong customer demand for commercial laundry equipment built by Whirlpool Corporation. The latest advancement is an assembly line solely dedicated to the Maytag® Commercial Laundry brand’s rigid and soft-mount multi-load washers.

“The Fall River facility allows us to expand our product capabilities and to provide our customers in the vended and on-premises laundry markets with options for greater flexibility and control,” said Trey Northrup, general manager of Commercial Laundry and JennAir® for Whirlpool Corporation. “With this capacity, we are able to be more nimble in our product offerings, delivering customized products and compelling solutions to our global customers.”

Maytag Commercial Laundry Multi-load Washer

Today, Maytag® Commercial Laundry customers, several Massachusetts government officials, Whirlpool Corporation Commercial Laundry leadership and members of the media took a behind the scenes tour of the Fall River Manufacturing Facility to see how the company is bringing its new platform and innovation to market.

Designed to handle heavy loads of laundry turn after turn, the Maytag® Multi-Load Washer is available in 20-65 lb. sizes and represents the brand’s newest solution for the industry, specifically in the vended and on-premises laundry markets. This configure-to-order washer allows owners and operators to customize construction options to meet the needs of their business.

Maytag Commercial Laundry Multi-load Washer

The washers are engineered to deliver G-forces of 200 for rigid-mounts and 400 for soft-mounts – to achieve max extraction and efficient throughput. The Maytag® Multi-Load Washer is backed by a Maytag® limited parts warranty* – 10/5 years for the vended market and 5/3 years for the on-premises laundry market.

Hercules Corporation, a member of the commercial laundry industry for almost 60 years, was present during the behind-the-scenes tour. Hercules is among the first to place orders for the new Maytag® Multi-Load Washer.

“For us, the Maytag brand has long since represented reliability and dependability,” said Andrew May, CEO and President of Hercules Corporation. “That tradition continues with the new Maytag® Multi-Load Washer, which showcases the brand’s leadership in engineering, design and manufacturing. We are looking forward to how this new solution will help us meet the increasing demands of the industry.”

The Maytag® Multi-Load Washer will be available in the 30lb rigid-mount this October while remaining sizes and configurations will be introduced over the next nine months.

The following are a sample of the product features and what makes the Maytag® Multi-Load Washer a key player in the Maytag® Commercial Laundry full-line up:

Maytag Commercial Laundry Multi-load Washer

Powerful Drive System and Wash Unit

Designed with a Variable Frequency Drive System, and commercial-grade motor – this machine is built to give on-premises laundry operators and vended owners the power they need to run efficiently and consistently, cycle after cycle. The drive system and wash unit comes complete with a 304 stainless-steel drum, commercial-grade, NSK bearings, cast-iron cross piece and hub, and a cast-aluminum pulley. All are designed to help increase machine longevity, and give owners the durability their facility needs to operate daily.

Flexible, Revenue-Generating Controls

The machine’s flexible controls help vended store owners manage profitability and provide a user-friendly experience. These enhanced controls allow customized setup, and each cycle and option can be priced individually or programmed for time-of-day pricing, maximizing revenue potential. Plus, customers have the ability to select a preferred cycle and option based on individual wash needs. Additional cycle modifiers, including hotter temperatures or additional rinses, can also be priced individually to further allow control over revenue.

Intelligent Controls and Customizable Cycle Settings

For on-premises laundry, operators can optimize laundry workflow with system configurations that reinforce timeliness and efficiency. With 99 possible cycles, each comprised of various phases, operators have the flexibility to customize wash cycles to fit any facility’s specific needs. Controls also allow operators to determine which detergents and solutions are used during every cycle – and program them to release on-time and in correct amounts.

Maytag Connect 360°™ Technology Laundry Management System

With a Wi-Fi enabled system, Maytag® Connect 360°™ Technology** gives

vended store owners and on-premises operators the ability to efficiently manage and monitor their operations in real-time. Maytag Brand’s intuitively-designed software provides diagnostics, notifications and revenue reports – to keep each machine working at full capacity.

Full Color 4.5″ LCD Screen

User-tested for navigation and comprehension – the intuitively designed LCD screen provides ease-of-use to customers and operators, and owners have the option to display which cycle selections to display on each machine. Washers come equipped with five default cycles pre-programmed, but the owner can change them, rename them, or create their own, with up to 12 cycles per machine.

“Our customers have told us what they need and want from a multi-load machine. We have listened, and we believe the new Maytag® Multi-Load Washer delivers to those requests and more,” said Northrup. “Each aspect of this advanced machine, from the solid construction to the intuitive control system, is designed to provide flexibility and efficiency and allows us to fulfill our promise of delivering dependability with each machine.”

About Maytag® Commercial Laundry

Maytag® Commercial Laundry offers a full range of commercial washers and dryers to the coin, multi-housing and on-premises markets through a global network of independent commercial laundry distributors. Maytag® Commercial Laundry is dedicated to producing innovative and dependable products for the commercial laundry market.

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