Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Live app

We all love great food, but in busy modern lives it’s not always easy to make time for this simplest of pleasures. Eating well also takes skill, organization and time that we don’t always have – but help is at hand: thanks to Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Live app and the connected appliances from Whirlpool’s premium W Collection range, you can stay inspired, organized and enjoy cooking and eating brilliant food every day. With the latest version of its innovative 6TH SENSE Live app and the premium W Collection, Whirlpool is now extending the power of connectivity to cookery: thanks to the convenience of connected appliances you can enhance every step of the food journey – from planning and shopping, to cooking and cleaning. The updated version of the app now not only lets you control W Collection cooking appliances remotely but also offers recipe inspiration and helps to plan your week’s meals and create shopping lists. All of this is seamlessly integrated into the cooking process itself. The app now works in tandem with the intuitive guided cooking features available on many of the latest W Collection appliances to provide step-by-step instructions, while automatically setting your oven, hob or microwave to ensure perfect results. Even cleaning the dishes is made simpler thanks to connected dishwashers in the W Collection.

As a pioneer in connected appliances, Whirlpool first introduced a suite of connected appliances in 2015 and now brings this expertise to help transform the cooking experience, with innovative technology that guides you to make everyday tasks effortless. In addition to introducing new connected appliances in its premium W Collection range, Whirlpool has updated its 6TH SENSE Live app to include features to enhance everyday cooking. This holistic vision looks beyond the appliance itself to also focus on how connectivity can help support modern lifestyles with practical real-world benefits. Marco Signa, Connectivity Strategy Sr. Manager Whirlpool EMEA, explains how the 6TH SENSE Live app applies this vision to cooking:

“Every delicious meal represents so much more than the cooking process alone. Great food is also about being inspired by new recipe ideas, planning meals and shopping for the right ingredients – it’s a process that is woven through our daily lives. This is why we are talking about our new W Collection appliances with the #SensingYourWorld campaign. To improve the cooking experience, appliances need to be built around an understanding of this entire food journey and anticipate user needs. Our new cooking appliances and the 6TH SENSE Live app were created around this insight. By considering every aspect of the food experience, we can make it easier to decide what to cook – and show how easy it can be to cook the food you desire.”

Whirlpool’s 6TH SENSE Live app

Get inspired with 6TH SENSE Live app
Right at the start of the cooking process, the new 6TH SENSE Live app makes it effortless to get inspired. Users can browse through hundreds of chef-created recipes that are perfectly tailored to deliver perfect results with Whirlpool’s innovative appliances.
This exciting collection is regularly updated with new recipes so you’ll never be short of ideas. If you do find yourself spoilt for choice, you can also tailor recommendations and search according to your ingredients, desired cooking method, or personal preference and dietary requirements. For example, it is possible to explore only vegetarian, or gluten-free or healthier options. The app also allows you to modify recipes and save your favorites, while future updates will soon extend the option to add your own recipes. Cooking is made effortless as 6TH SENSE Live app sends all the timings and settings directly to the appliance and there are even pictures and Video Tutorials to show you how to prepare ingredients for best results.

Get organized with 6TH SENSE Live app
The 6TH SENSE Live app also lets you stay organized and plan ahead, thanks to the brilliantly intuitive Meal Planner feature. This provides a diary view on which you can add meal ideas to a particular day of the week or specific mealtime. The app even automatically creates a shopping list of required ingredients for each meal to ensure you have all you need on the day.

Get cooking with 6TH SENSE Live app
Designed to work seamlessly with all connected appliances from Whirlpool’s W Collection range, the new 6TH SENSE Live app provides a very simple way to achieve perfect cooking results with minimal effort.

Mirroring and enhancing the Meal Planner guided cooking functionality built into the appliances, you can choose recipes on the app, which then automatically sets the ideal timings, temperatures and cooking mode on the connected oven, hob and microwave. The 6TH SENSE Live app provides you with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to achieve brilliant results. While offering a helping hand, the app lets you stay in control with the freedom to personalize recipes and get creative – for example, by choosing to shorten or increase cooking times according to taste.

Get clean with 6TH SENSE Live app
Whirlpool has even extended the benefits of the connected experience to the final stage of the food journey – cleaning up the dishes. Dishwashers in the new W Collection range offer assisted cycles that make it even easier to get perfect cleaning results. The interface of the 6TH SENSE Live app helps to select the right settings for the nature of the load – adjusting the cycle according to the level of soiling and the type of items you want to clean. The app also provides remote control so you can start the cycle when you want and provides notifications once everything is spotlessly clean.

Get connected!
The latest version of Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Live app is available as a free download for iOS from the Apple App Store and for Android on Google Play. Supported languages include English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese (Spanish will be available this September).