Wrocław Refrigeration Factory - World Class Manufacturing - Whirlpool

World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is an ambitious but concrete management model structured to support companies seeking growth opportunities through reduction of inefficiencies. A company can be defined as excellent when it manages to center continuous improvement targets to eliminate waste and boost profitability by enhancing its human resources and creating products and services perfectly in line with the quality and dynamics required by the market.

Implementation of the World Class Manufacturing is an ongoing process in all our facilities. Last November, our Łódź, Radomsko, Wrocław, and Poprad underwent their WCM audits.

Łódź Cooking Factory scored 17 on its first audit. Radomsko Dishwasher Factory scored 28 on its second audit, Poprad Washing Machine Factory scored 37 on its third audit, while Wroclaw Refrigerator factory scored 43 on its third audit.

Each factory is regularly audited by World Class Manufacturing Association auditors who apply the same evaluation criteria used in all other world class manufacturing facilities. At the end of the audit, the plant receives an overall assessment (ranging from zero to one hundred) calculated on analysis of each single pillar.