Completely Bespoke and Uniquely Tailored Designs Amplified By Enhanced Digital Platforms Offer the Ultimate in Customized Experiences for Every Luxury Consumer Demand and Desire

Breaking the mold, JennAir continues to blaze a path forward to shatter bland industry standards and redefine the meaning of luxury for the new modern luxe consumers who live by their own rules. They are discerning, and they build their homes like they do their custom-curated lives: with passion, precision and their own personal style. Ushering in a new era for the brand, JennAir is activating personalized digital platforms and delivering more than 100 built-in products across the RISE™ and NOIR™ design expressions, enabling thousands of combinations to empower discovery in the kitchen and helping consumers write their own script for a modern luxe life.

A recent Ipsos report shows that 81 percent of modern luxury consumers believe the definition of luxury is rapidly changing, and a Deloitte study suggests that 45 percent of luxury consumers want personalized products. Rather than looking the other way at these high-earning young luxe spenders, JennAir chose progress over stagnation, assuming the role of the leader to take the industry into uncharted territory.

JennAir Customizable Luxury“JennAir is hell-bent on delivering a new vision of luxury, offering customizable options for utterly bespoke experiences that challenge the entire industry to think bigger while enabling designers and consumers alike to curate personalized kitchen experiences so unique they can’t be copied,”  said Jon Hall, product and brand marketing director, JennAir. “With distinct design to the highest quality and unparalleled performance in the products they select, their kitchens become carefully curated expressions of themselves. Through these progressive designs and digital platforms, we are flipping the luxury appliance category on its head, and consumers, designers and kitchen specifiers are taking notice.”

With a true understanding of the new modern luxe consumers’ vision for luxury, JennAir meets their demands for a custom-built life and satisfies their fantasies for what a kitchen can be with seemingly limitless design combinations and highly personalized connectivity and service.

An exclusive for the industry, JennAir has pulled back the curtain on the RISE and NOIR design expressions offering seemingly endless creativity and design options, including 34 professional-style ranges, 36 wall oven combinations and 14 rangetop configurations. Two full urban living suites drive even further customization by upending the ways consumers can think and feel about their homes. Customizable to fit the largest and smallest luxe spaces, JennAir offers both traditional and modern looks across its full line of products to provide the ultimate consumer curation. An enhanced digital platform runs throughout all products, empowering consumers to further personalize every touchpoint of their journey and customize their cooking experience. Each appliance interaction is personalized to match owner preferences as backed by precise algorithms, cooking cycles equipped with full-color food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific culinary tips. Combined with the thousands of customizable kitchen appliance combinations, the industry’s eyes open to the active ownership model and seemingly endless possibilities the kitchen can present to consumers.

Refrigeration for Any Space or Style
Redefining luxury refrigeration and opening consumers’ eyes to obsessive craftsmanship and beauty, JennAir® Columns will be available in the two distinct design expressions with more than 2,500 potential combinations. Personal configurations include multiple-unit combinations with left and right swing options, multiples sizes and a variety of finishes. JennAir offers a breadth and depth of offerings to fit each unique lifestyle. From Columns to built-in refrigerators, JennAir delivers uncompromising and unique design to all of its consumers. Each customized unit culminates via the cohesive digital platform, ensuring the new modern luxe consumers can get the connectivity they crave from their personalized kitchen experience.

Professional-Style Ranges and Rangetops
Seemingly limitless range and rangetop combinations add even more customization options, allowing consumers to select from a variety of sizes — 30, 36 and 48-inch models —with griddle, grill and gas burner options. Whether going through a complete renovation or just adding an additional cooking space to a kitchen or entertaining area, modern luxe consumers will have the old strains on creativity shattered as they integrate the RISE and NOIR expressions into their kitchens. Consumers can then go one step further with the JennAir® digital platform, creating yet another layer of personalization.

Custom Cooktops
Updraft or downdraft, gas, induction, and/or wok, JennAir provides customizable cooktop options to fit one’s personal cooking taste. The JennAir® suite of cooktops allows consumers to bend fire to their will through seemingly endless customization opportunities and unconstrained cooking experiences. Marked by daring, undeniable details, each product is built for flawless and flush configurations. Sized to fit any need — 15, 24, 30 or 36-inch combinations — today’s modern luxury consumers are able to break convention by creating custom cooktops that perfectly fit their needs. Create a warming station in the dining room or customize a 10 foot island made of your favorite cooktops. From small spaces to large, consumers can have multiple sizes of gas, electric, and induction together in one space. With more than 700 custom combinations, consumers will break through the chains of stagnation to build their completely bespoke cooktop.

Urban Living
Flexible enough to fit anywhere — high-rise studio, home theater, garden guesthouse, bedroom café, — the urban living line is built for new modern luxe consumers. As the only luxury appliance brand with matching small space offerings in two distinct design expressions, JennAir gives consumers the tools to choose digitally enhanced single products or build a suite bespoke to their tastes. From a built-in coffee system to a steam oven, speed oven, 60-centimeter wall oven, plus warming drawers and microwave drawers, the  urban living suite is versatile enough to install in any room of the home, with no plumbing necessary for most products, providing bespoke customization at scale.

Fully customizable to meet the new modern luxe consumer’s every want and desire, known or yet to be discovered, the new JennAir designs and digital platforms deliver the tools and custom offerings to allow consumers and their design partners to create kitchens that are completely reflective of their tastes. Coming to market in late 2018, the new products give new meaning to the definition of luxury.

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