JennAir is keeping the pedal to the floor in 2019.

First up: the brand will launch an all-out blitz advancing its mission to eliminate luxury stagnation as it heads to Modernism Week, February 14 – 24 in Palm Springs, Calif. Throughout the festival, attendees will witness firsthand a new era of luxury through JennAir’s encounters including:

JennAir Moderism Week 2019 Featured HomesJennAir Featured Homes

Products across the RISE™ and NOIR™ design expressions will be on display as a statement of the brand’s rebellion in several featured homes and experiences throughout Palm Springs.  At the Green Gables House and the  La Vie en Rose House, guests can immerse themselves in the luminary brilliance of the RISE™ design expression. Simultaneously, sensuality and geometry collide at Sackley Shagadelic House and the Christopher Kennedy Compound, where the NOIR™ design expression will show off a daring minimalist style, perfect for the new luxe consumers aiming to reject dated standards of beauty.


JennAir Moderism Week 2019 Film PremiereBrand Film Premiere

On Friday, JennAir will host an invitation-only event in a space inaccessible via any public tour throughout the festival — the exclusive Dinah Shore home. The evening will be headlined by the premiere of two new JennAir films and a special unplugged performance by Nicole Bus and will surely be one of the most buzzed about events of Modernism Week.


JennAir Moderism Week 2019 Women in Design“Women in Design: Shattering the Status Quo”

JennAir will host a trailblazing panel discussion on Saturday, February 16 titled Women in Design: Shattering the Status Quo. The event assembles leading women across appliance design, fashion, illustration and tattoo art to discuss how they challenge convention, source creative inspiration, forecast trends and more, promising to leave attendees inspired to eliminate conformity in their own lives. Featured speakers include JennAir designer Jessica McConnell, illustrator Sophia Chang, tattoo artist Esther Garcia and fashion designer Emily Oberg, and the panel will be moderated by art curator and writer Kimberly Drew.


JennAir Moderism Week 2019 -- JennAir Experience at CAMPThe JennAir Experience at CAMP

In tune with the JennAir showroom transformations sweeping the nation and all encounters at Modernism Week, visitors will be challenged to reject the expectations of appliance ownership and establish a new limitless way of thinking about the kitchen at the immersive JennAir Experience at CAMP.