Behind every recipe there’s a story. Hotpoint UK has launched a new website to bring to life all your food memories

Share your food memories with Hotpoint and Jamie Oliver

We have taken the next step in our partnership with Jamie Oliver and launched an inspiring new website in the UK.

We know that behind each recipe there’s a story. A memory that you share with the ones you love most, your closest friends… That’s why we want to engage with our consumers and bring to life their emotions and souvenirs about their favourite recipes. As part of the UK campaign, we created the “My Food Memories” Hub, so that we can discover and bring to life their best stories and recipes.

Cooking is taking care of those we love. Getting to the stove with the desire to surprise someone makes our dishes unique and special.

On the website, our consumers have the opportunity to share the photos of the dishes they prepared for friends and family. This food represent a time of sharing with their loved ones. A story is hidden behind every dish and it tells a feeling, a project, an idea, an experiment.

At Hotpoint we have always cared most about finding ways to make those every day tasks less of a chore so we can all spend more time caring for the things that matter most in life. Jamie Oliver shares the same values of care and small everyday things in life. Together with Jamie Oliver we bring to life this joy of cooking and caring, with the aim of getting consumers enjoying better, healthier food at home.

Check on My Food Memories Hub to find all the exciting developments.