Hotpoint Induction Hobs with Active Cook mode

When cooking for friends and family, there’s nothing better than showing how much we care by creating delicious meals with that added personal touch. With the new Active Cook range from Hotpoint, it’s now so much easier to go the extra mile – with barely any effort at all! The new range of induction cooktops offers a revolutionary assisted-cooking experience powered by sensor technology, which stays close to our needs and encourages individual creativity.

Combining beautiful authentic design with proven technology, the new cooktops with Active Cook mode transform your cooking experience. This is achieved by the assisted cooking feature on the top of the range Active Cook models, which provides a step-by-step assisted interface with useful cooking tips for up to 63 popular recipes. Even cooking itself is made far simpler, thanks to powerful sensor technology that monitors cooking progress and sets temperatures and timings for you: The new Induction Hob with Active Cook mode is your enabler to expand your creativity and reach the desired results with your personal touch.

“The new Hotpoint hob is your everyday cooking mate – providing an invisible helper that’s at your side in the kitchen, setting your creativity free. Whether you’re experiencing assisted cooking for the first time – or are just new to induction cooking – Active Cook offers the “wow factor” of advanced technology that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and makes cooking so much more pleasurable,” said Fabio Bruni, Brand Specialist, Hotpoint. “No matter your degree of culinary skill, Active Cook works with you to reach the results you desire, letting you add your personal touch to every dish.”

Induction cooktops with Active Cook mode transform every cooking experience into something special, thanks to their unique combination of powerful features:

My Menu – Step-by-step guidance to delicious dishes
With a step-by-step assisted interface with useful cooking tips for up to 63 popular recipes, achieving culinary perfection is simply a matter of choosing what you want to cook and selecting the preferred cooking method – steam, grill or fry. My Menu stays close to your recipe, brings the pan to the right temperature and advises you at every step. In the meantime, sensor cooking technology proactively monitors and maintains the perfect temperature for the right amount of time. This ensures great results and means less attention watching the pots!

TotalFlexi – A fully flexible cooking surface
The TotalFlexi cooking surface offers 100% flexibility and infinite cooking possibilities at the same time. This seamless surface lets you cook anywhere on the surface and use pots and pans of any size and shape – precisely controlling each at a touch. TotalFlexi is powered by eight independent cooking zones, which can be precisely controlled with 18 power levels.

Active Heat – Exploit foodie’s cooking passion
The Active Heat technology makes it possible to use the cooktop in an even more flexible manner. The entire surface is divided into four different temperatures zones. Different pots can be placed simultaneously on the cooktop to boil, simmer or melt and can be moved on the entire surface without the interaction with the user interface.

TextDisplay – Elegantly intuitive
The new Active Cook range includes intuitive, assisted touch display technologies. These stylish interfaces add a touch of flair while presenting features and settings with perfect clarity. The interactive display is the key to providing full step-by-step assistance when creating perfectly cooked cuisine.

Even before you experience the difference that Active Cook makes, the new cooktop impresses through its distinctive and eye-catching new design. With authentic, contemporary style, it complements and completes any kitchen environment.