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The unfolding stories behind Whirlpool Corporation’s Racial Equality Pledge and commitment to our Black colleagues and local community.

Community residents, students, Mayor of Benton Harbor and Whirlpool employees pose for the camera at a Community Day of Impact in Union Park

The heart of community and volunteerism runs deep in the culture of Whirlpool Corporation, and why hundreds of employees raised their hands when the Racial Equality Pledge was introduced. Sixteen workstreams are now implementing the important work to fulfill these commitments and create sustainable solutions.

We are proud of our employees who volunteer time and attention that extend beyond their day-to-day roles, working to deliver sustainable solutions.

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Three students from Benton Harbor pose with a Whirlpool employee as they volunteer at a Union Park clean-up day

Community Workstream

Juneteenth Community Day of Impact

Read and watch the videos that detail the high points, discouragements and breakthroughs in this long-form story about restoring life to an important park, central to the heart of the city of Benton Harbor, and the relationships that were built along the way. See the results of what happens when teams take the time to listen.

Benton Harbor pitch competition Candi Purdiman shows excitement as her name was announced, as other contestants clap

Community Workstream

Microgrants for Black entrepreneurs

Learn about the sustainable solutions that have emerged as a result of an active listening campaign through Whirlpool Corp.’s commitment to fund microgrants for Black-owned start-ups, small businesses and social enterprises in our local community. Discover the successes of grass roots collaboration and teamwork.

Additional updates and stories coming soon!