Whirlpool FreshCare+ tumble dryerPerfectly dry clothes, come rain or shine? There’s a good reason we all love the flexibility of tumble-drying, but what if we could make the laundry experience truly liberating? Until now, the key to truly fresh and easy to iron garments is to unload your dryer straight after the end of a cycle, but this results in planning your day around your laundry. All this changes with the new FreshCare+ tumble dryer from Whirlpool, which lets you enjoy both freshness and freedom. The revolutionary range of dryers features the unique FreshCare+ system which keeps garments fresh and relaxed inside the drum – so they keep that just-dried feeling for up to 6 hours after the end of the cycle. Thanks to Whirlpool’s innovative 6TH SENSE technology and SenseInverter Motor, the new FreshCare+ tumble dryer offers A+++ efficiency and a refreshingly effortless way to get perfect results every time.

Continuing to care, even after the end of the cycle
FreshCare+ is a unique innovation that frees you to unload your dryer at your convenience. It works through intelligent temperature control and a delicate tumbling action that together inhibits the proliferation of the sources of bad odors. This means you can unload the dryer at your convenience.

How does it work? Inside the dryer are sensors that automatically activate FreshCare+ every time the temperature drops below 35°C within the 6 hours after the end of the cycle. The system also automatically activates and switches off the heating element to maintain the ideal conditions inside the drum. This also keeps fabrics relaxed – reducing the fixing of creases so that ironing is made easier. You can activate FreshCare+ easily during both the initial stage of the cycle and at any time during the drying cycle. It can also be stopped whenever you want.

Outstanding performance powered by 6TH SENSE technology
The new dryer makes it effortlessly intuitive to dry clothes to perfection thanks to Whirlpool’s powerful 6TH SENSE technology. This senses the nature of the load and automatically adjusts and optimizes the dryer’s operation to ensure superior drying performance, the best possible care for your clothes and maximum efficiency.

Once you set the desired program, the dryer uses a powerful combination of sensors and advanced algorithms to precisely detect the humidity and dryness level of fabrics, recognize the amount of laundry, and sets the precise drying time required – thereby avoiding any excess cycle time or use of energy.

Woolmark Blue – preserving the natural beauty of wool
The FreshCare+ tumble dryer is the ideal solution to easily and safely dry all your favorite woolen garments. The wool cycle has been specially designed to gently dry and protect the beauty of your finest wool clothing and has been endorsed with the Woolmark Blue certification from the Woolmark company. The wool cycle is enabled by the SenseInverter Motor, which calibrates the drum movements to make the clothes inside the machine cling to the side of the drum. This reduces chafing and felting and thus protects delicate fibers. As a result, the cycle is even suitable to efficiently dry hand-washed wool garments.

Whirlpool FreshCare+ tumble dryer - 2AutoCleaning condenser filter saves you time
The new FreshCare+ helps to save your time thanks to its AutoCleaning bottom filter that does not need cleaning. The machine uses a new water recirculation system that uses water captured in the plinth to wash the secondary bottom filter automatically to keep it lint-free. This helps save time on maintenance as you no longer have to remove and manually clean the bottom filter.

A motor for performance and reliability
At the heart of the FreshCare+ is the highly efficient SenseInverter Motor. As well as saving you energy every time you dry, this long-lasting motor extends the life expectancy of the appliance.

High-end design
Whirlpool’s FreshCare+ tumble dryers have been beautifully designed to combine user-friendly features and elegant looks that complement your home. They feature intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces with large, multifunctional displays, simplifying user interaction for a more pleasant drying experience. Larger doors make loading and unloading easier while the porthole with integrated ergonomic handle takes the effort out of daily use.

The FreshCare+ range also includes washing machines, washer dryers and dryers, all of which share the same coordinated design aesthetic to facilitate matching.