news-knoxtcsDonation of laundry products provide help, inspire hope in Knoxville

The value of clean clothes, sheets or towels may be hard to understand. But, for people down on their luck, or for those volunteering at a busy shelter, washers and dryers are more than appliances. They represent a bit of what is “normal” in an otherwise chaotic time in people’s lives — and they can be counted on to perform day in, day out.

Understanding that — and working for the world’s largest appliance manufacturer —  the Whirlpool Women’s Network at the Knoxville TCS partnered with KARM, the Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries, to provide four laundry pairs to the KARM facility as part of a larger renovation project.

KARM provides for those most vulnerable and desperate by first supplying rescue services of food and shelter, then healthy, supportive relationships, and ultimately restoration, including job-training opportunities. Each day, KARM serves nearly 1,000 meals not only to the homeless, but many in crisis who must choose between food and other basic needs. Each night, KARM’s emergency and residential shelters for men, women and families are home to nearly 400 people, providing a safe place of rest and encouragement to those in need.

The Knoxville team has a long history of community involvement, so fulfilling the need for new laundry equipment was a natural fit. “It’s hard to put into words all the good KARM does in our community, and we really want to support that,” said Mitzi Blalock, customer relations supervisor, Trade Customer Support. “What helps the Knoxville community, helps Whirlpool, too. We want to continue to be recognized as a good corporate partner because that’s consistent with our past, consistent with the mission of The Women’s Network — and consistent with what makes Whirlpool a great company.”

KARM was formally established on December 8, 1960, by five pastors, with the mission, “to rescue the poor and needy of the Knoxville area by providing recovery services in Jesus’ name.” To learn more about KARM and its work, please visit their website.