KitchenAid Booth at Eurocucina 2018

Empowering those who are Serious About Food is KitchenAid’s purpose. For almost a century, the brand has been revolutionising the way we prepare food with its premium kitchen appliances. Combining professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design, KitchenAid’s products are more than just tools; they inspire passionate makers to express their culinary creativity, fueling passion for fine food.

At EuroCucina 2018, KitchenAid will unveil its stunning range of major domestic appliances, featuring new and improved premium models. Drawing on its long history of collaboration with cooking professionals, the brand has developed appliances with chef-inspired features that make preparing food a truly thrilling experience, from preservation to preparation to serving.

New Editions that excel on Design and Performance

KitchenAid at Eurocucina 2018

KitchenAid will reveal new appliances from its premium cooling range at EuroCucina. These versatile appliances take food freshness to a new level, ensuring your ingredients are freshly preserved and easy to find when culinary inspiration strikes. This year, the range features the new Combi Tall 400, KitchenAid’s flagship refrigerator that offers a storage capacity of 193cm x 70cm. Direct Cool and Sensor Fresh functions maintain food’s freshness and extend the lifespan of your ingredients. Humidity control technology and antibacterial filters ensure an optimum cooling environment, keeping your ingredients fresh and bursting with flavour. While its minimal, sleek design and fine oak haute cuisine accessories make it the perfect fit for any kitchen, this product stands out from the rest with its distinctive dimension.

Another highlight at EuroCucina will be the new Twelix 4 Artisan: one oven that opens up a world of culinary possibilities. Whether steaming seasonal vegetables, cooking a succulent roast or baking a homemade loaf of bread, this oven delivers exquisite, restaurant-quality results. The Twelix 4 Artisan is KitchenAid’s first multifunction that offers fully integrated Steam Assisted and Pure Steam functions. New features include a 4-point professional probe for precise temperature control and measurement, and advanced 4-level cooking that enables you to juggle four-course meals with ease. In line with their commitment to iconic design, KitchenAid’s Twelix 4 Artisan is available not only in timeless stainless steel, but also for the first time in black as part of the new Black Steel Collection.

KitchenAid will also unveil its versatile Gourmet Kitchen hob at EuroCucina. With a dynamic surface and a full-bridge, flexible cooking zone, this new hob range accommodates for large cookware and makes it easy to manage multiple pots and pans. The range features two new interfaces that allow smoother interaction and greater control. The Premium edition offers slide control interface, while the Super Premium boasts new touch control functions.

Discover elegant black aesthetic with the extended Black Steel Collection

KitchenAid’s show-stopping black line collection is perfect for those looking for a stand-out, statement appliance at EuroCucina. This bold range offers KitchenAid’s premium major appliances in pure brushed black stainless steel; a minimal yet dramatic product line that provides a clean canvas for your culinary creativity.

With their black line, KitchenAid have paired their dedication to professional performance with distinctive design, showing that they are a brand that’s Serious about Food and serious about style. “Despite being one of KitchenAid’s most audacious designs, the simplicity and elegance of the black line gives it versatility,” explains Novella Sardos Albertini, Head of Brand and Communication EMEA, KitchenAid SDA & MDA. “The warm, opaque texture and chromed aluminium handles help integrate these statement pieces seamlessly into your kitchen.”

KitchenAid at Eurocucina 2018

A century of Cooking Innovation

With only one year to go until KitchenAid celebrates 100 years of innovation and inspiration, EuroCucina 2018 is the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of how this iconic brand is shaking up the kitchenware industry.

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