Caring for our Consumers during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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As the world continues to battle COVID-19, our consumers need our trusted appliances to take care of their families during this turbulent time. They are depending on our products — now more than ever — to clean, cook and provide proper food and medicine storage. 

The health and safety of our service providers and consumers is our first priority. We know that reliable appliances are essential for cooking, cleaning and storing food.

Our 77,000 employees globally are continuing to support our consumers, as they themselves are living with the new realities of the situation, and we continue to be proud of their everyday commitment to you.

Service and Support 

We are also continuing to carry out service calls for repairs where necessary. 

Protecting colleagues and consumers

We have strict health and safety processes in place across our supply chain and are taking all the relevant precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, colleagues and suppliers.

We are directing all colleagues and suppliers – including delivery drivers and engineers – to follow CDC guidelines on how to keep themselves and others safe.


“Drop-off only” is not available in our countries in Asia. Delivery and installation remains available in most Asia locations with no confirmed COVID-19 cases, nor with anyone under quarantine.

Contactless Delivery

To continue to provide you and your family with the appliances you need, we are doing everything we can to make sure your online orders are fulfilled in a safe and timely manner.

In an effort to minimize physical interaction, we offer the following contactless delivery features:

“Drop-off only” delivery option

As an alternative to in-home delivery, we offer a “drop-off only” delivery option. Our team will deliver your appliance(s) to a secure location outside your home, such as a garage, carport, or other sheltered area.

From our consumers:

“The technician was professional, competent, and skilled. She observed all the health guidelines advised for prevention of Corona virus exposure. Her advice concerning a drainage issue was key in having the machine function properly. It is operating efficiently now”

“Given the covid crisis, the technician did a great job taking all precautions when entering the home.”

Semantha Bugl, Whirlpool Factory Service, Boston

Semantha Bugl, Whirlpool Factory Service Technician in Boston, MA, USA

Verbal signature

Instead of requesting a physical signature upon delivery of your appliance, our delivery partners will request confirmation of your identity in order to complete your delivery. Once you accept the delivery, our delivery partners will note your acceptance electronically. 

As part of the delivery process, we will take a photo of your appliance at the delivery location to confirm the package was safely delivered. We may use these delivery photos to verify delivery location and audit for quality purposes. In order for your appliance to be delivered, someone over the age of 18 must be onsite.

Please note: this option is not available in our Asia region.


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How we are caring for our employees and communities during the Coronavirus pandemic?