Leading home appliance manufacturer showcases Whirlpool®, KitchenAid®, WLabs™ and Yummly® product innovations and meaningful connected technology

YummlyAt CES® 2019, the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances, Whirlpool Corporation, is showcasing how its portfolio of brands innovate in a multi-brand experience. As a home appliance leader for 107 years, the portfolio continues to be at the forefront of connected home technology through a dedication to innovation. At CES 2019, Whirlpool Corporation is touting cutting-edge smart home product innovations from four of its major brands – Whirlpool®, KitchenAid®, WLabs™ and Yummly®. Each brand delivers unique, meaningful technology features that enable and inspire consumers to connect to more – the future of care, a passion for new culinary possibilities, personalized homemade meals or a glimpse into the future of cooking and laundry experiences.

“Evolving our presence at CES to a multi-brand experience is a natural progression as we roll-out portfolio-wide smart innovations to meet the demand for a smart home ecosystem,” said Brett Dibkey, Whirlpool Corporation vice president, brand and strategy in North America. “As a Corporation, we’re singularly focused on using smart technology to positively change our consumers’ lives. Our products should offer them a means to care for their loved ones, create truly personalized meals, and really enhance the cooking experience they are already passionate about.”

Whirlpool Corporation is showing how its brands innovate with the latest connectivity, and empower you to Connect to More. #CES2019 #ConnectToMore

Located in the Smart Home section at the Sands Expo Center (Booth #41925), the products and digital experiences will showcase the latest in smart home technology and advancements for Whirlpool Brand, KitchenAid, WLabs and Yummly.

CES 2019 attendees will:

  • Connect to the future of care with Whirlpool® smart kitchen and laundry experiences that provide simplified, personalized care for families.
    • Preview the Whirlpool® Connected Hub Wall Oven concept, a vision for a central cooking hub which will enhance the traditional built-in wall oven with a transparent interface on the oven door that unlocks access to personalized recipe suggestions, guided cooking, food detection, food monitoring and cooking techniques.
    • Perfect for tight spaces or for families looking to remove an extra step in their laundry process, the Whirlpool® Smart All-In-One Washer & Dryer completes a load of laundry in the same machine.
  • KitchenAid Cook Processor ConnectConnect to passion with KitchenAid® smart cooking appliances that inspire consumers to connect to their passion for cooking.
    • KitchenAid will be offering the first-ever collection of oven-powered grill, baking stone and steamer attachments. Launching in 2019, the KitchenAid® Smart Oven+ with Powered Attachments will act as the hub of the kitchen with attachments for in-home grilling, baking and steaming, empowering the passionate home cook. *
    • Planned for launch in 2019, the all-in-one KitchenAid® Cook Processor Connect will be a one-stop shop for home cooks, giving them every tool they need to make great-tasting homemade meals – from step by step recipe guidance, to an integrated ingredient weight scale, to attachments that handle everything from steaming and stewing to mincing and pureeing.
  • Connect to homemade meals with Yummly’s personalized recommendations and new offerings guiding consumers through every step of the cooking process with amazing results.
    • Already live on select, smart Whirlpool brand appliances, Yummly® Guided Cooking offers recipes having the ability to connect to Whirlpool appliances to set and change temperatures, settings, cook times and more at exactly the right times. **
    • Yummly® Pro will dish up cooking curricula to help users gain confidence in the kitchen and will feature well-known celebrity chefs and influencers, curating engaging exclusive content on its app, such as guided recipes and e-learning courses.
  • Connect to the future of the home with Whirlpool Corporation’s innovation incubator WLabs’  groundbreaking solutions that offer eager early adopters a glimpse into the future of cooking.
    • The WLabs™ Smart Countertop Oven’s unique food identification technology automatically recognizes a wide variety of foods placed in the oven, setting the time and temperature accordingly for an output that’s cooked to the desired doneness level.

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Product features subject to change. WiFi & App required for connected features.  Details and privacy info at whirlpool.com/connect, kitchenaid.com/connect, and yummly.com.  Appliances must be set to Remote Enable for remote control capabilities.

* Attachments may ship separately.

** Guided Cooking available on select recipes only – look for recipes with the Connected Fork icon in the Yummly app.

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