Clyde Team Heads to Washington, DCClyde plant manager Dan O’Brien, more than fifty Clyde Operations employees, and the Whirlpool Corporation legal team headed to Washington D.C. early this morning for the Fair Trade Hearing with the the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). The Clyde team is there to observe the proceedings and support more than 3,000 workers who demonstrate the vitality of American manufacturing every day. Our Clyde, Ohio plant is the nation’s largest washing machine plant.

This is Whirlpool Corporation’s third time appearing before the ITC in less than 5 years to testify about the injury Samsung and LG’s cheating has caused to American washer manufacturers and American manufacturing jobs. Twice, the Commission found that increased volumes of washer imports — first from Korea and Mexico, and then from China — injured the U.S. washer industry. Samsung and LG are determined to evade the U.S. trade laws by moving production from country to country so they can flood the United States with a surge of imports. By preventing their ability to country hop, our case would make it harder for either company to game existing trade rules and undercut the industry’s most innovative producers of high-quality washing machines and our vast network of American suppliers.

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