Indesit Push&Go Slim Size Dishwasher

It’s great being spoiled for choice but there are still some things that are best kept simple. For example, with household tasks, having too many distractions can make simple tasks take up too much time, effort and energy. That’s why Indesit has launched a new slim size dishwasher that you can set with a single press of a button, so there’s no more confusion over which cycle, temperature or time settings to use. Perfect for smaller kitchens, the compact new Indesit Push&Go slim size dishwasher features a fast, effective everyday Push&Go cycle that runs at a single push of a button for exceptional results with incredible ease. With a range of practical and smart functions and a stylish, fresh design, you can trust the new Indesit dishwasher to be the simply smarter choice.

Push&Go – Perfectly washed and dried dishes with just one push!
The secret to the new dishwasher’s brilliant simplicity is Push&Go. This practical wash and dry cycle for everyday use is as effortless to use as it sounds, so even a complete novice can get things right the first time. It takes just one press of the Push&Go button to start the cycle: this dedicated button is made highly visible in a cool blue accent color so it is easy to spot and fast to access.

Ideal for normally-soiled daily loads, the Push&Go cycle also offers excellent cleaning and drying results in only 85 minutes. With no time wasted programming the machine, the cycle also works so effectively that there is no need to pre-rinse items and is almost three times faster than the Eco cycle.

A more hygienic and practical solution
As well as visibly spotless dishes, the new dishwasher helps to ensure that you and your family can benefit from incredibly hygienic cleaning. It has an eXtra Hygiene cycle and dedicated 100% BPA free accessory that makes it easier to load and hygienically clean baby items. Endorsed by the VDE Institute, the Extra Hygiene cycle ensures 99.9999% bacteria removal and offers great cleaning and drying. Additionally, the dishwasher’s Full Inox Tub is made of stainless steel for total peace of mind.

Indesit Push&Go Slim Size Dishwasher

Enjoy more flexibility with eXtra Size
Despite its compact, space saving 45cm width, the new dishwasher has been created to offer great versatility with a flexible and adaptable loading system that makes it possible to clean even larger pans and dishes with ease. The eXtra Size cycle allows you to wash larger items that may have otherwise required handwashing in just one hour. The dishwasher can accommodate even extra large and taller items (up to 53cm). By contrast, a Half Load cycle offers a practical and economical option for running your dishwasher even when it’s not fully loaded, without worrying about wasting water or energy.

Add a touch of modern style with Indesit’s beautiful new design
Indesit’s Push&Go slim size dishwasher has been created to complement your home with its stylish and attractive modern aesthetics and features the all-new design language that defines Indesit’s new generation of appliances. Refreshingly and distinctive, this new range combines modern style with a sense of charm and personality, expressed through gentle curved surfaces, rounded corners, ergonomic handles, light on the floor and clearer interfaces. The new slim size dishwasher is available with a range of interface options, with the top of the range models featuring a digital display that offers ultra intuitive interaction.

Easy enough for the whole family to #DoItTogether!
Thanks to incredibly intuitive features like Push&Go, Indesit’s new slim size dishwasher is so simple and easy to use that virtually anyone in the family can take on the housework. When you don’t have to be an expert to do a job well, it becomes simpler to share the work. For Indesit this is really important: today, most household chores are still done by women, an imbalance that stands in the way of better gender equality. Indesit’s #DoItTogether campaign aims to encourage more sharing of housework, by promoting better teamwork in the home and also by making appliances easier to use and more intuitive through great features like Push&Go that anyone can use!